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  1. Thanks for the prompt response! this is a great workflow, thanks for the work you've put in! Do you know whats causing workflows that worked in the past to present this issue lately?
  2. This is doing the same thing as a lot of my workflows at the moment, the keyword doesn't seem to work... http://imgur.com/1m8p3U6.png
  3. The alternative will say 'Compress * Items' * being number of files selected
  4. Reset those options but still having the same issue. Where would i locate the workflow folder? Thanks
  5. still no luck, very baffling
  6. I tried this but still get the system info on the old machine, everything else seems to be correct. Thanks
  7. Great workflow RodgerWW, I'm having an issue I believe due to moving my profile from a older machine using time machine. The workflow shows the system information for the old machine, is there anyway to fix this? Thanks
  8. Great workflow, I am also going to be using this with Sublime. I was wondering is there anyway to ensure the selected text opens in a new tab not a new window as i have Sublime running most of the time with various columns and tabs. Thanks
  9. Thanks a lot for this, going to be using this workflow regularly. Could the width and height themselves be actionable and copied to the clipboard?
  10. That would be great, ill try use it as an Aflred File Action, I need to get myself into the habit of using Alfred more for file browsing anyway.
  11. Thanks for the replies guys. Can you explain how to use this workflow Marko? I've selected a file within finder then actioned Alfred and typed 'dim' with no results so far. Should i be doing something differently? Does the file need to be located within Alfred? Appreciate the assistance!
  12. I'm wondering if anyone has ported over this extension http://cl.ly/911u or knows of a similar workflow. Been trying to find a quick way of determining an images dimensions when its selected within Finder. Thanks
  13. Thats great, looking forward to it. Thanks for creating such a great time saving application. I dont want to try turn this into a help thread but could i just ask, when the snippet panel appears for you to enter your placeholders, is there anyway to stop that panel disappearing when clicking to another application, or outside of the snippet window. I often require various urls to be inserted within my placeholders (not just the one copied to clipboard) and when i click over to my browser the snippet panel disappears. An example of this senario '<li><a title="__title__" href="@clipboard"><img src="__image-url__" alt="__title__"></a></li>' Thanks again
  14. This situation often arises when using Alfred workflows, the solution is to create a second action, for example actioning return would open the snippet in Dash(as it does currently) but if cmd + return was actioned it would initiate the snippet in the location you were in before entering Alfred. I'm no expert with this stuff but I've seen this done in the 'Symbols' workflow by Piotr Wilczyński and it would work great with the Dash snippets. I've just purchased Dash as its gonna be much easier for me to use than CodeBox, addition of this feature would make it even more useful. P.S: here is a link to the symbols app, holding cmd,alt or fn before actioning pastes a different symbol code for each symbol.
  15. Just updated Dash today and seen how great this works with Alfred, think I'll be purchasing and moving over my snippets from CodeBox. One question, I can locate snippets in Alfred but when i action them how do i stop them being opened in Dash and initiate them within the application i was in before accessing Alfred.
  16. doh :/ i did a search for 'domain' and searched google aswel. sorry about this, mods can remove as that workflow is exactly what i was looking for. thanks
  17. Noticed this extension for v1 of Alfred and wondered if anyone had created something similar for v2? http://nielsstampe.tumblr.com/post/14402922960/domain-checker-for-alfred It checks the availability of domain names and displays the results. I think something that worked like http://www.domainr.com inside Alfred would be nice.
  18. After owning a powerpack licence for a few weeks now I've started to look into workflows and have been extremely impressed with what can be achieved. I'm a long way from being able to create my own workflow but I had an idea which I think would be of use to any web designers/developers out there. I commonly use http://voke.fm/ to search for CSS properties (when I forget the name/order of values etc). Being able to type 'voke' into Alfred then start searching for properties would save me a bunch of time, as an added extra it would be great if actioning the property could open the source link within a browser so more in-depth reading on the property could be done. How easy/hard do you think this would be to do? anyone interested in giving it a go? Thanks
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