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    Vatican reacted to segphault in Change mac audio   
    This is a really cool idea, thanks for sharing. I made a slightly more sophisticated implementation that uses script filters to display a list of available inputs and outputs.
    Download here: http://seg.phault.net/alfred/Manage%20Audio.alfredworkflow
    Note: my version requires the user to place the `audiodevice` binary in the workflow folder. 
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    Vatican reacted to theboyler in Change mac audio   
    This workflow enables you to quickly change the mac's output. It requires Audiodevice to be installed.
    You need to edit the script code to change the names of the respective devices to whatever the name of the devices on your setup; if those devices have spaces in, remember to escape them using backslashes (you can get the names of the devices by using the command 'audiodevice output list'.
    Download here.
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    Vatican reacted to jdfwarrior in [Request] Workflow for Changing Sound Output   
    I don't remember where I found it but try this: http://cloud.dferg.us/2A7l
    Obviously not my work, credit belong to the original workflow author
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    Vatican reacted to hzlzh in [Workflow]Shorten URL (support goo.gl/ bit.ly/ t.cn/ j.mp/ is.gd/ v.gd/)   
    Shorten URL (v1.1) - download here
    Github Page:
    This workflow support URL shortener like below. You can use Hotkey to trigger without open Alfred input window.
    goo.gl/ bit.ly/ t.cn/ j.mp/ is.gd/ v.gd/ If you want more URL shortener services added, please let me know, .
    Choose some long links (e.g Command + A), then press `Command + Shift +L`, choose goo.gl and you will get the short link in your clipboard with notification center triggered.
    How to use this workflow without copy/paste?
    Just use trigger HotKey, check out this wiki issue here:



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    Vatican reacted to jdfwarrior in Faves - Formerly Favorite Folders   
    Formerly called Favorite Folders, now allows you to set any file, folder, or application as a favorite.
    A user requested this under the help and questions forum and i really liked the idea of it. I threw it together really quick for them but thought I would share with you guys as well. Not sure if something like this has been made already or not but, here is my rendition of it.

    The idea is to have a list of items that you access often, saved in a list and easily accessible. Results are actionable, can be opened by pressing Enter, browsed in Alfred by pressing Cmd+Enter, or removed from the Favorites List with Ctrl+Enter.
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