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  1. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome! This is going to be incredibly handy. Thank you again.
  2. This looks great! Is there a place we can see what units it supports? I have looked at https://github.com/hgrecco/pint and at https://github.com/jason0x43/jc-units and haven't been able to find this information. Thank you!
  3. I apologize for not getting back here sooner. It turns out I was being a bonehead (nothing new there). Somehow, when creating the workflow, I created two almost identical workflows. Both had cntrl-cmd-a as the hotkey and both pasted a list of email addresses from the clipboard. Therefore, when I deleted one of them, there was still another, with a completely different name, hanging around and causing trouble. I didn't notice the other until earlier today and deleting the second one solved the problem. I apologize for stirring a pot that didn't need stirring. Gary
  4. I created a workflow in Alfred 2.0.8 (211) that was triggered by a hotkey (ctrl-cmd-a) and that simply copied and pasted a list of email addresses (using paste text clip from hotkey). After creating it, I realized that I had assigned ctrl-cmd-a to an email account in Mail using the Keyboard preference pane. To make a long story short, I proceeded to delete the workflow since I wasn't going to need it anyway. With this as background, now when I type ctrl-cmd-a to select an account from which to send email, Alfred still pastes the list of email addresses in the outgoing message. I have even restarted the machine and it still happens. The workflow I created is nowhere to be found in Alfred, yet Alfred seems to think it is still there. Help! This is under OS X 10.8.5.
  5. Sorry, yes, the new is the retina machine. I have deleted it from Dropmark.
  6. Here is an old plist file that I believe exhibits the problem you are talking about: http://gray.dropmark.com/124520/2016636
  7. For a weather weenie like me, this workflow is beyond awesome. It is the awesomest! :-)
  8. It would be cool to visually see the daily average as a horizontal line on the Usage Graph. See this linked figure for one possibility: http://gray.dropmark.com/112625/1915921 Gary
  9. glgray

    Pixelmator theme

    Love it! Thank you. (And I also love Pixelmator.)
  10. Both links are broken. Would you please update?
  11. I live these, especially the orange one. Can you tell me how I can change the width of one of these themes?
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