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  1. Hi Carlos You can remove keywords by setting them to an empty list Projects -- set to "" and the next version of MT will have ability for applescript to tell a message to clear the tickle date. Scott
  2. Hi Carlos There seems to be an issue with setting tickles. eg I tried to set one for 30 days and it set for 3 days. In fact, it seems to be grabbing the first digit and using that as the number of days (eg 10 days -> 1 day) Probably a simple thing. Also what are the chances you can make the projects list in alphabetical order rather than grouping by type of projects (Things, OF, The Hit List, etc) Scott
  3. @cabey Unfortunately no as I have not provided applescript support for calendar items in MailTags.
  4. Hi David MailTags is a plugin for working with Mail.app -- it adds the ability to tag messages and search for messages via tags and is deeply integrated so that your Smart Mailboxes, rules and other aspects of Mail become tag aware. Here is our Macworld review from last summer http://www.macworld.com/article/1167478/mailtags_3_is_an_excellent_add_on_for_apples_mail_app.html And yes, it does provide AppleScript support (this is what the Alfred Workflow leverages) You can grab it from www.indev.ca If you want to purchase it, use the coupon CPN4223405706 to get a 10% discount. Disclaimer -- I am the author of the software
  5. Hi Carlos drop me a line at info [at] indev.ca -- in the very least, I will look up your order and refund you as a gesture of thanks. Scott
  6. This is awesome. Thanks for doing this. What would also be great is handle tTickle dates and a few other things. and pull in Omnifocus, Things, theHitlist projects for the project list. The projects are polled regularly by MailTagsHelper and stored in ~/Library/Mail/Indev/ExternalProjects and simple plist files. If you need any assistance or is there anything that I can do to help, Let me know Scott Indev Software (Author of MailTags 3) Also would you mind if we listed this on our site/support page?
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