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  1. Was wondering why some of my workflows were failing. Great to have a tentative fix. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for making this. I'm using it with smart folders based on combinations of tags and it's working famously. A lot quicker than using the tags keyword with multiple arguments.
  3. I was also getting a Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ... notification. Not using Dropbox. An empty tylerreich.wolframalpha folder was made in the Workflow Data folder. I made a settings.plist there and added appid as a string. It doesn't complain about a missing appid anymore, and it seems I can use the appid keyword now without getting that notification.
  4. Thanks a lot. I think I can get somewhere with that, combined with something like tell application "System Events" to keystroke return.
  5. Is there some way to 'chain' workflows? I.e. in workflow 1, use workflow 2 via something like keyword + query, then have results fed back into workflow 1?
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