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  1. How do I create a snippet with this? Probably something super simple
  2. (I dug around the topics, and didn't see this one, so I apologize if it's a duplicate) I love the new workflows, but, I would like to add multiple levels to my workflows. For instance, let's say I type: formatdate 2/4/2013 It would popup a nested list having options like: Month/Day/Year Day/Month/Year Day of week Days since beginning of year ... Or whatever options I put in there, and I can select an option, and it will (run a linux command probably) and output the result. I could do a lot if I had an infinite level of submenus I could use. Maybe there's a super fancy hacky way to already do this that I don't know about. Additionally, it would be neat to have lil' micro forms. I'd be open to the argument that this is not within the "purpose" of Alfred. I wouldn't need anything too fancy, let's say I type: createnumberlist A small form would popup having: Start End ------ ------ Ascending [x] | | | | Descending [ ] | 5 | | 10 | ------ ------ And it would copy the list to my clipboard. Maybe it could be formatted with something like Flex's MXML or something.
  3. In our code we tend to have lots of pixel tweaking resulting in lines like: thing.x = 120+2+3+5-1 I wanted a fast way to solve it to: thing.x = 129 So I made this lil' workflow. It uses the linux command "bc" (http://linux.about.com/od/commands/l/blcmdl1_bc.htm) so anything supported by that is supported by this. Select the text and press the hotkey (I have it to F13, but change to whatevs) and it replaces it with the answer. Download: http://db.tt/xiZXW2sP
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