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  1. I modified all Alfred-2 to Alfred, so it works again. In case anyone need it, here is the modified version, compatible with Alfred 4 https://www.dropbox.com/s/9n6nqro1bowa5cy/Send URL.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  2. Hi, I add a hotkey to launch app from "Templates" -> "Files and Apps" -> "Launch file group from hotkey". It seems there is some delay before the app is launched. Do I miss something? Thanks
  3. Hi, there is something wrong after delete an item from faves list. When add to favorite without delete any item, favorites.json is like following: ["\/Users\/suyejun\/Dropbox","\/Users\/suyejun\/Dropbox\/code"] After you delete an item from faves list, favorites.json is like following: {"1":"\/Users\/suyejun\/Dropbox\/code"} Then, when I delete an item, it cannot match any item in my favs list and delete nothing.
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