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  1. No, sorry. I don't have or plan to develop any Lync workflows. I use it just for work.
  2. I didn't checked the box to delete ./Spotlight-V100. I just tried your second suggestion to rename the folder. This works just fine Thank you.
  3. Hi Folks, I have a problem that Alfred does not lists all installed applications. There are several apps which Alfred cannot find. For example Microsoft Office Apps like Word or Lync are not listed. Let me quickly summarize what I tried so far to fix it: I checked this page: http://support.alfredapp.com/kb:indexing Spotlight is finding the apps All Spotlight Search Results are checked in SystemPref. All necessary folders are in Alfred's Search Scope (more about that later) I reloaded Alfred's Cache many times (even quit it) I think I see a small pattern here. All Apps which are in /Applications are listed like intended. Only apps in subfolders like /Applications/Microsoft/ or /Application/Garmin are not listed. However, there are exceptions like /Applications/modelio/ or /Applications/MAMP/ are listed. Interestingly, both subfolders /Applications/Microsoft/ and /Applications/Garmin/ are in Alfred's Search Scope but /App/modelio and /App/MAMP are not in that list but Alfred knows these subfolders are in /Applications/. I have the feeling Alfred cannot recreate the index correctly. Is there a way I can force Alfred to do it?
  4. Hi alexburtnik, which version did you download? I see this post links v2.01 but on GitHub I already pushed v2.2. So please try this link https://github.com/obstschale/NSC/raw/alfredextension/nsc-v2.2.alfredworkflow I will update my post above. If it is still not working let me know.
  5. your bash version looks nice. But I think I stick to Python
  6. I got a tip on GitHub and could solve the problem. NSC has a problem converting a number into base 1. That makes no sense and therefore NSC stucked in an infinite loop for all bases from 10 to 19. I fixed it in v2.01 #close
  7. I tried so many possibilities but I can not solve the problem. I use now alp to generate the xml statement but that wasn't the problem. But I figured out that the workflow works fine as long as the base (third argument) is less than 10. As soon as the new base has two digits Alfred will call the python script but the process does not end. But if I kill the process the correct xml statement will be printed in my log file. Totally weird! This is my python script and it works in the terminal but not with alfred. The process won't end if it tries to calculate the new number (lin 39). So think there is a problem in my int2base function. But why is it working in the terminal and with alfred upto number 9 as base? #!/usr/bin/env python """ Arguments sys.argv[0] = filename sys.argv[1] = number sys.argv[2] = source sys.argv[3] = destination """ import sys import alp import string digs = string.digits + string.lowercase def int2base(x, base): if x < 0: sign = -1 elif x==0: return '0' else: sign = 1 x *= sign digits = [] while x: digits.append(digs[x % base]) x /= base if sign < 0: digits.append('-') digits.reverse() return ''.join(digits) if (len(sys.argv) == 4): # calculate integer first decimal = int(sys.argv[1], int(sys.argv[2])) # create dictionary to create xml from it decimalDic = dict(title=str(decimal), subtitle="Decimal", uid="decimal", valid=True, arg=str(decimal), icon="icons/decimal.png") d = alp.Item(**decimalDic) # calculate new number conv = int2base(decimal, int(sys.argv[3])) # create dictionary to create xml from it convertDic = dict(title=conv, subtitle="Number to base " + str(sys.argv[3]), uid="conv", valid=True, arg=conv) c = alp.Item(**convertDic) itemsList = [d, c] alp.feedback(itemsList) else: errorDic = dict(title="Make sure to pass 3 numbers", subtitle="for help type \"nsc help\"", uid="error", valid=False, arg="error") error = alp.Item(**errorDic) alp.feedback(error) I call the script in alfred like this: python convertNumber.py {query} 2>&1 | tee nsc.log
  8. Thx Tyler, this is a great description and I think I finally got it
  9. I probably think somewhere in this forum my question is already answered, but I couldn't find it. :/ So I was wondering what all the different workflow data is for. All the great Libs (post link) are able to find the cache dir, data dir, bundle id and different stuff. But why do I need this? David mentioned Data Storage here but I don't really understand what the difference between these two dirs is. Can any one explain me why my workflow should know the bundle ID, the cache and data dir?
  10. That is really awesome. thx a lot for this great workflow
  11. I encountered some issues with my workflow and David Ferguson suggested to use the module alp. This Module also includes a XML function and I guess this will also solve the lxml problem, because I will provide the XML lib with v2.1 Anyhow, I still would like to see how you use the bc cmd line tool. Just for learning purpose
  12. First of all thx for your help David, a) I already assumed that my script is not finishing and that it has problems if not all 3 numbers were given. Therefore I check in my script if 3 parameters are given. If not I will output an valid XML error message which looks like this: http://d.pr/i/6np5 I checked my XML carefully and if I run it in the terminal the xml looks good and nothing is messed up. c) I'm not sure about that that according to be, I tested it in the terminal and it looks good d) yes, otherwise it would be in my log file, wouldn't it?
  13. Nice workflow. I just had a look at woxikon and it seems they don't have a public API (at least I didn't found one). I.e. I can not think of any other good solution to display the results in alfred. But still a nice idea
  14. Hi Guys, I recently published my NSC workflow to convert numbers. But I have encountered a problem. If I try to convert a number using convert it will run the following script using python convertNumber.py {query} 2>&1 | tee nsc.log The problem is sometimes the number gets converted and everything works fine and the sometimes it is not working. Either Alfred wants to search the given string in Google or the "Please Wait" subtext will be displayed. Anyhow, whenever it is not working several Python process will start and will occupy fully the CPU. As you see above I already create a log file. If the script run perfectly the log file will contain the XML, thats fine. But if it isn't working there is no output. Do you have any idea why it isn't working? PS: All other script I use in this workflow are working just fine.
  15. I'd like to see your solution and could publish it. But I probably would also search for another solution with python to get better with the snake
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