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  1. In 10.15.5, with the supplemental update of June 1st 2020, an Alfred search for a contact still works perfectly if Contacts is not running. If one does an Alfred search for a contact while Contacts is running, hitting return now finds the contact in the Contacts file... but it now opens in a new window! This is progress, but it's still nuts. (It's progress because it used to just open a new window without any information in it. At least now the new window has the right person in it.) Do a test: quit Contacts, use Alfred to search for a name you know is in Contacts, find the name an
  2. How would you get Alfred to run your workflow rather than just look up the name you searched for? Is there a way to intercept the default "Open contact in Contacts.app" action, getting in front of it with my own workflow?
  3. Thanks Andrew-- will be glad to get this working again. Strange that it works fine if Contacts isn't running but doesn't work fine if it is.
  4. If Contacts is not running, doing an Alfred search for a contact (by name) and then hitting Return to launch Contacts and go to that contact-- that works. But, if Contacts is already running, and I do an Alfred search for a contact, and then hit return, Contacts comes to the front, but it does not go to the contact I searched for. Additionally, a blank window appears (the kind of window that you get if you double-click on a contact in the contact list within the Contacts app). The window is completely blank. If I search again (using Alfred) and hit Return to go to that contact I generate anoth
  5. Great. That worked. I wasn't sure WHERE to paste it (I figured it out-- into Alfred's window) and I didn't know whether I should leave the "wl" there (I should), but once I got that right I was back in business. Thank you.
  6. Great. Thank you. How do I get 0.5.2? Is there some sort of update mechanism? I only see 0.5.1 on the packal.org page.
  7. The problem happens between step 1 and step 2. The Browser does not open with Wunderlist authorization screen. Instead, I go straight to this URL: http://localhost:6200/?state=FCO182B8UMCCH5FOXB16&code=10272fb56f06b5fec124 and that shows "no data received" (in the browser-- the web page says "no data received") I did see, once, Step 2 as you described. I tried to log into Wunderlist but for some reason was not successful. Maybe I have to clear out a preference to allow the original sequence to happen again.
  8. I'm having trouble getting started. I installed the workflow and Alfred shows "Please log in." When I click that I get an error-- "No data received." Alfred2 is allowed to control the computer (System Preferences/Security & Privacy/Privacy/Accessibility/Alfred2). 10.10.5. Alfred 2.8.1 (425). Workflow version is 0.5.1. When I type "wl" besides seeing "Please log in" I also see something about updating... from 0.5.1 to 0.5.1. I wonder what that's about. Would love to start putting this workflow to work! I made one of my own and it works (different purpose) so the mechanism seems
  9. When I use Alfred to search for a person, the matches all say "View contact in Alfred." Seems to me it ought to say "View contact in Contacts" or "View contact in Address Book." Just a cosmetic thing.
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