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  1. Hmm, can't find it, this one maybe? (not from @nikivi though)
  2. Nice, thanks. Anyway to execute the action directly from the clipboard history? I have a shortcut to open the clipboard history and ideally I would like to press shift+enter for example to paste the specific clipboard entry expanded as ({clipboard})[https://servername.domain.com/ref={clipboard}].
  3. Hello all, I'm looking for a simple way to replace the content of my clipboard with and "expanded" version of it, based on simple rules. Example: content of clipboard is {clipboard}, replace with ({clipboard})[https://servername.domain.com/ref={clipboard}] I find myself very often handling specific ticket IDs, or IDs of many kinds and I want to passed them as hyperlink in emails, chats, etc. The hyperlink has always the exact same structure, only the ticket ID, ID, reference ID, etc. changes. Any idea on how to do this with as many keystrokes as possible?
  4. I have the same message but with "loginwindow" being the culprit. No idea what that is. Is it possible it is still Chrome?
  5. I am still at step “find the culprit” right now. Are you saying it could still be Chrome? Quitting the app will not disable secure entry?
  6. Since upgrading to Sierra, Alfred always shows (under snippets) the following red message: "loginwindow seems to be preventing text expansion by locking secure entry". Text expansion does not work. Not only for Alfred, but for every text expansion programme. Even the macOS own text snippets (keyboard system pref) does not work. Now, I thought it was Chrome due to issue 258882. But quitting Chrome doesn't fix it. Rebooting the computer does of course, but I was not able to find another solution so far. Any suggestions?
  7. Solved! I thought Alfred would follow aliases... Thanks a lot.
  8. Hello all, I added an a microsd card to my macbook because I was running out of space and “aliases” a couple of folders to the sd card. Now, Spotlight can find these files but not Alfred. Even when using the “replacement file filter” workflow from Andrew Pepperrell. The SD card is formatted as an encrypted HFS+ volume (which makes it very slow btw, if anyone was wondering, but enough for simple files.) Any idea? I reindexed (and even removed the .spotlight-V100 file, but not luck.
  9. It seems you are right, this is a spotlight issue. Spotlight also can't find my pdf called “123-guide.pdf” (without quotes of course) when I type “123 guide” without quote in spotlight's search field. I re-indexed spotlight from Alfred (even deleted the .Spotlight-V100 file), but no luck, that didn't change anything. It works with the workflow though, pretty nice. Thanks!
  10. I can do with or without leading space, same result. Dashes somehow are not recognised as word separators...
  11. Hello, I noticed that if I have a file names word1-word2.txt, Alfred will not find it when I type “word1 word2”. If I replace the dash with an underline, it works. How can I convince Alfred to look at dashes like word separators? I have fuzzy matching turned on, but I believe this only have an impact for .app files anyway. Any idea? I unfortunately get a lot of pdf named-like-this, and renaming each one is annoying... Cheers,
  12. how to I paste in plain text while navigating the clipboard history? The workflow mentioned here only paste the last copied items as plain text. I want to navigate the history, press enter and copy as plain text. It that possible?
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