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  1. Thanks @Vero @vitor and @deanishe, that was fast, and blazing fast for a documentation update! On my way to recreate all my hotkeys from Alfred 1. Vitor: Yeah, I started from a template, figuring that would be the best newbie approach, so never got to see the empty page tip :-)
  2. Ok, I've put off moving past Alfred v1 for years because Workflows looked like an elephant gun when all I needed was a flyswatter. But I'm building out a new Mac from scratch, so thought I'd catch up and bite the bullet. All I really want is to assign hotkeys to apps. I used the Workflow template "Launch file group from hotkey," which I assumed I'd need to do once for each app, and just create "file groups" of one app each. But it looks like you're supposed to be able to set up a bunch of these inside of a single workflow: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/triggers/hotkey/creating-a-hotkey-workflow/ The problem: The instructions refer to and show a + icon in the upper right corner of the workflow panel that I don't see. I will try to resist voicing the cascade of frustrations that the UX for what must surely be a common task is so oblique, though I really hope Alfred gets some UX design help. But can anyone enlighten me on how I can set up hot keys for apps in the way the help page indicates I should be able to? Thanks!
  3. I like the idea and potential of workflows. But I have existing hotkeys that I really wish had been brought over automatically because I need to work, not learn a new and powerful feature just to re-create something that was fast and easy in 1.0. (I looked for a simple "launch an app" template and didn't see one.) I'm really glad to hear Andrew will focus on bringing back a simple, fast way to create simple workflows like hotkey to app. That's much more reflective of modern software design, which architects UX workflows around real world use case frequency rather than an engineer's under the hood view of functional elegance. Before I read that post, I was afraid that there was a false choice of powerful workflows vs. quick and easy hotkeys being enforced. At the same time, I guess I'm sitting on my Powerpack 2 expenditure and getting no use out of it until that enhancement is in place, because I reeeally don't want to have to learn or take the multi-step time to recreate all my launcher hotkeys. So I'll keep using 1.4 for now. I look forward to moving to 2, maybe with some utility or ability to import existing 1.x hotkeys as workflows? Hint, hint?
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