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  1. Just to say, I moved to a new mac with Time Machine and I had the same issue as Barrierfreeman. I tried removing the Workflow and reinstalling it but the .sh files still references Alfred-2's cache. So I replaced all instances of 'Alfred-2' with 'Alfred-3' and it works again.

  2. Hi, I use Alfred Remote on my iPad mini and it's great. However, what would be even better was if it had an understanding of what you are doing on your computer, and could then adjust what was being displayed, in a similar way to the new Touch Bar.


    For example, when in Chrome it could show me things specific to Chrome, like all of my open tabs. Even better would be that it could know when I'm at gmail.com and then show me things specific to Gmail (like the formatting options, new mail, etc).


    Now, I'm sure there are limitations on what can be achieved, but even just adding a trigger to Alfred that could adjust the page being displayed in Remote depending on the active window would be a massive step. Then I could setup all my own shortcuts for specific apps and have them displayed when I'm using that app.



  3. Het Carlos,


    Thanks for the update. Being able to show my reminders is really great.


    I'm not sure if this is a bug that's just been introduced because this is the first time I've tried the feature (didn't realise it was there until I just reviewed the help). When I type "enc" it says "No shortcuts found", but I have 11 of them listed there. All other functions work normally, and I haven't downloaded evernote from the App Store.


  4. I'm finding adding anything with a notebook is failing me.




    I select 3 PDFs in Finder (all under 100KB each) then trigger Alfred and type:


    enn Test ##geek


    Select "New Note from Finder Selected Files"


    Expected behaviour: Create a note called "Test" in the notebook "Geek" that includes the 3 PDFs.


    Result: Nothing happens




    Same command but with a tag specified:


    enn Test #travel#geek


    Select "New Note from Finder Selected Files"


    Result: Nothing happens




    I then repeated these but selecting "Type a Note" and nothing happens.


  5. Hey Carlos,


    I downloaded and tested the new version and have found the following:


    - Multiple files are combined into the same note, but the title is always "X items from Finder" no matter what I specify.


    - If I specify tags, the note is added with correct tags.


    - If I specify a notebook (with or without tags), nothing happens.


  6. Hi Carlos,


    I can't speak for others but a single note was what I was expecting.


    The UI makes it seem this way too as the title, tags and notebook show below "New note from finder selected files".


    What do others think? Perhaps if no title/notebook/tags are typed in the files get added separately but if you put a title/tags/notebook in then they get combined into that one note?


  7. Hi Carlos,


    When I try to add a note with a notebook specified, it does not work for me.


    e.g. ennew This is my subject #tips#geek


    This should create an evernote note with the tag 'tips' and in the notebook 'geek', but does not. If I type it without the notebook specified it works.


    e.g. ennew This is my subject #tips


    With no tag or notebook it works fine too.


    It doesn't matter whether I select to type a new note or create it from the clipboard or text selection.


    Any ideas?





  8. Hi David,


    The problem was that the folder wasn't showing up in the list of 40 so I couldn't train Alfred that it was the folder I wanted. I still consider the exact match not coming top (unless you've trained Alfred otherwise) to be a bug.


    Thanks for the workflow, I'm downloading it now (and the YouTube and Lipsum workflows!). I'll either use it or create a workflow and keywords manually.


    Thanks also to Ddyracer for the suggestions.



    All the best,
  9. Hi,


    When I search for a folder by its exact name with Alfred, it often does not match. For example, I have a folder called "Work", yet Alfred matches 40 *other* files and folders, that all have Work* as part of the name, and doesn't even match my "Work" folder! Surely Alfred should put the *exact* match at the top?


    I regularly try to use Alfred to go to a folder and find this happening for me... in some cases, I get my match when I type part of the folder name, but once I type the full folder name, Alfred matches loads of other files instead.


    I'm assuming this is a bug and not intentional?





  10. Hah, oh goodness, repairing permissions was probably overkill ;-). That's actually the expected behavior, though. The old automatic-extraction behavior could've caused problems with Alfred, and was a bit clumsy besides; this behavior ensures that you go through Alfred when importing the workflow, and do a sight-check to make sure that you actually downloaded a workflow before it opens anything.


    Ahhhhhhh... I'm supposed to install manually! Doh!


    So it's working correctly then :-)


  11. Hi,


    I've downloaded the version you linked to and installed it. I notice your website says "Last updated 29 March 2013" and the initial post from this thread makes it look like it was last updated 4 April (which is when you last edited the initial post), so without Alleyoop showing a version number it's a little confusing!


    - I tried again just now to update "Edit with" but no luck.


    - Script action is indeed "python act.py {query} 2>&1 | tee act.log", with no characters escaping.


    - The act.log file now shows:


    "Saved Edit with... to Downloads"


    So not sure why it's not progressing from there to installing?


    - I've tried "Update All" and updating individually.


    - I deleted Evernote 4.5, but I still have the old version of the Edit with script installed if you want me to zip up the workflow folder and send you that?




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