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  1. Please add this! The "open alfred" action in remote pops up alfred on my computer, great! now I can type in commands just like I could on my computer... but wait! not so fast, theres no keyboard! It would be so easy to add an option to send keystrokes, that way I can trigger my existing workflows and do anything on my system just like normal alfred. I love having these buttons for convenient commands, so I only tap once to do things, but we should have them in ADDITION to normal alfred behavior, not instead of it. Thanks!
  2. This is a limit imposed by UNIX, not Alfred, but the error message shown is slightly confusing, and there should be a way to overcome this issue. Right now, selecting more than exactly 260527 characters on my system and using it in an Alfred workflow (with the Argument:'selection in OS X' setting) as "{query}" will throw an error. You can see your system's bash argument character limit with: getconf ARG_MAX Alfred should allow a way to pass the selection as stdin instead of a quoted and escaped string, otherwise there is no way around this hard limit, and Line-Counting workflows, etc. are useless for larger bodies of text. ^ Confusing error message when selecting too much text. ^ A workflow example that would trigger this. echo "{query}" > .wordcount echo "Characters: "$(wc -m < .wordcount)" Words: "$(wc -w < .wordcount)" Lines: "$(wc -l < .wordcount) rm .wordcount
  3. Found a way to do it! Automator's built-in "Website Pop-Up" feature can render html and js even: http://macosxautomation.com/lion/websitepopup/index.html
  4. For anyone who's found this on google, I've managed to hack together a HUD style workflow where the user selects text in OSX, presses a key command, and then an html popup is generated. I used automator's built-in workflow "Website Pop-Up" http://macosxautomation.com/lion/websitepopup/index.html
  5. I already have them and use them frequently, what I use Alfred's Large Type for is specifically highlighting one small segment of code and making it huge, as well as readable.
  6. As a coder I often use Alfred's wonderful large type key command to quickly display snippets of code to colleagues without all the other distractions on my screen. If alfred provided built-in syntax it would make this much nicer. If built-in is too heavy, I'd be happy to do the syntax highlighting myself, but alfred still needs to provide a method of colorizing Large Type output through a workflow. ASCII escape sequences are one option, but I'm sure our friends at HQ can think of a better solution.
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