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  1. Oh wow, ok learning a lot. Thank you thank you! And have a great Turkey Day
  2. Another note, you'll see in the workflow, I am trying to pass variables into the script and I think that's partly to blame. In the script sample above it's just hard coded dates.
  3. Thanks for your help! Here's what I have so far: http://d.pr/f/n0v2
  4. Ah yes sorry. I would like for the result of the script to be able to be posted to large type. Doesn't seem to work for me though.
  5. Hey Gang Working on this workflow. I want to be able to put one date in, then another date, and have the result be the number of days between the two (Just days, not months, weeks, and days). This (possibly klunky) AppleScript seems to generate the expected result, but I don't know how to get the result spat back out to Alfred so I can post it or whatever. I'm sure it's something simple, any help appreciated! set firstDate to "20171231" set resultDate1 to the current date set the year of resultDate1 to (text 1 thru 4 of firstDate) set the month of resultDate1 to (text 5 thru 6 of firstDate) set the day of resultDate1 to (text 7 thru 8 of firstDate) set the time of resultDate1 to 0 set secondDate to "20171201" set resultDate2 to the current date set the year of resultDate2 to (text 1 thru 4 of secondDate) set the month of resultDate2 to (text 5 thru 6 of secondDate) set the day of resultDate2 to (text 7 thru 8 of secondDate) set the time of resultDate2 to 0 set answer to ((((resultDate1 - resultDate2) / 60) / 60) / 24) return answer NOTE: I'm using dates this way for my own preference, I get tons of these dates and need to quickly get the difference in number of days.
  6. Hey there. Is there a quick way to change the date calc answer so it spits out the number of days? So I often need to find out how many days are between two dates. Example 2017-02-25 - 2017-01-01
  7. Hey Gang Just wanted a quick workflow to easily bop the volume up and down for Spotify. Alfred workflows to the rescue. Dead simple and easy to adjust the increments if you like. DOWNLOAD
  8. No, got smart and used Homebrew the second time.
  9. I think it needs to be there because the WF expects it. I didn't do anything special. Just re-installed it. Sorry, not much help.
  10. No, I'm just normal time. But many of the things I want to remind myself of don't have a specific minute just later than now. For example, I need to send out a note to all of the parents of the soccer team tomorrow, doesn't really matter when. It's noon now and I want to do it tomorrow in the morning sometime, so r in 20 hours email the parents again (long explanation, but that's my workflow for reminders.)
  11. I'll also just use hours sometimes. Something like: http://d.pr/i/15teT r in 19 hours Get Grindz You can even do decimal hours r in 19.75 hours Get Grindz
  12. Hey There Yeah, I do that all the time. Here's the syntax I would use: r in 1 day at 12pm to Eat Lunch http://d.pr/i/5NiM
  13. Re-installed. Now it's working /opt/local/bin/ffmpeg
  14. Probably a quick add. Maybe a flag in the script to keep the Reminders application in its current state: 0 --> 0 1 --> 1
  15. That's nice and simple. Can you push the toggled volume (whether it's 0 or 100) to a notification?
  16. Yeah, I'm having a similar problem. It seems to eventually make the reminder, but Reminders.app seems to really not like the whole thing.
  17. For giggles I changed line 29 in vd.sh from ffmpeg_installed=$(program_exists "ffmpeg") to ffmpeg_installed=true Now it gives me the warning at lines 64 and 65 echo "Download failed! ($download_result)" echo "Make sure you've entered a valid video URL or parameter. Otherwise, try updating or re-installing Video Downloader."
  18. Also, ffmpeg is working: http://d.pr/i/13HFT Is the workflow looking in a different spot for ffmpeg?
  19. Installed on a new lappy and can't get it to download and convert the audio (just download is fine) Have FFMPEG installed: http://d.pr/i/1empo Have Python installed. Still says failed please install ffmpeg: http://d.pr/i/1lL76 Anyone have any ideas?
  20. Love this workflow!! What file can I edit so that it only has droplr as the option to send to? (it's all I use)
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