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  1. I think you might have meant "Am I done with..." vs the way you have it presently... 😊
  2. I've noticed that `Run NSAppleScript` is faster than the recommended use of `/usr/bin/osascript`. Unfortunately things have gotten weird in Big Sur where after I did a reset of `tccutil` permissions across the board Alfred no longer executes NSAppleScript due to a permission error. I see repeated recommendations to NOT use it... but I WANT to use it and would like to understand how to make it work again and get macOS to prompt for acceptation of permission. Clearly it works somehow as it did up until I reset things, so... what's the magic sauce to make it work when we want to make it work?
  3. So after the last update the menubar issue seems to be gone... Alfred seems to be behaving properly again. I was running on the previous version of Bartender as well since the new beta will not run on Catalina and I won't be switching to Big Sur anytime soon since it breaks a lot of good things that cannot yet be addressed (such as DisplayLink support for my particular system).
  4. Having a strange issue since the last few updates it appears. I had stopped using Alfred for some time due to previous problems, but now that I've come back over the course of the past week I'm finding that Alfred doesn't show up within the menubar (I use Bartender and hide Alfred on the secondary menubar) after some time of running. I've checked and the process is still running (`ps | grep Alfred` and in Activity Monitor.app), but seemingly unresponsive since also the keyboard command trigger (in my case control-^) does not evoke Alfred either. If I wait a bit, like a couple of minutes, Alfred finally pops up to allow text entry, but the menubar icon still stays gone. I don't see the process showing up as being hung. If I kill Alfred and then bring it back up by starting it again via Spotlight or running it otherwise (iTerm or Finder/Path Finder) things begin to behave normally again for a while - perhaps hours. Something is definitely off, but not sure where to track down this issue yet. Any useful logs or such perhaps that might indicate what's going on?
  5. Yep, as I reported before `mdfind` works and also `mdls` works: $ mdls /Applications/Epichrome/* | grep Amazon _kMDItemDisplayNameWithExtensions = "Amazon Drive Web.app" "Amazon Drive Web.app" kMDItemCFBundleIdentifier = "org.epichrome.app.AmazonDriveW" kMDItemDisplayName = "Amazon Drive Web" kMDItemFSName = "Amazon Drive Web.app" _kMDItemDisplayNameWithExtensions = "Amazon Sales.app" "Amazon Sales.app" kMDItemCFBundleIdentifier = "org.epichrome.app.AmazonSales" kMDItemDisplayName = "Amazon Sales" kMDItemFSName = "Amazon Sales.app" _kMDItemDisplayNameWithExtensions = "Amazon.app" "Amazon.app" kMDItemCFBundleIdentifier = "org.epichrome.app.Amazon" kMDItemDisplayName = "Amazon" kMDItemFSName = "Amazon.app"
  6. I tried switching to LaunchBar and it has been better than Alfred so far in terms of listing Epichrome apps in that folder. I'm still frustrated and feel as though Alfred should work right in this case. We must be missing something that's causing Alfred to misbehave since Spotlight is detecting them.
  7. So one final note on this side quest: And I'm searching for applications that have full functionality that don't require Spotlight. Mixed results, but working and pushing every single worthwhile project I find that has Spotlight dependency to offer additional options for users who want / need this. At any rate, back on topic: Still struggling with this search functionality as per above and yes, Spotlight (even in shell usage) does find `/Applications/Epichrome/` apps.
  8. I very much do not appreciate the implication of crippling something when in reality it is an effort to enhance the system; particularly in trying to obtain more reliable performance and less background processes. Microsoft has such a service for Windows 10 via LTCS with distant updates and minimal system services and Apple needs to take a cue from this. We need better predictability from our OS sometimes. Spotlight is a serious problem that many have acknowledged and we could argue this solidly and go back and forth here, but the fact remains that there are appropriate times when Spotlight can and should be disabled. We really need a "light mode" in Alfred for those of us only wanting to launch apps with it and do minimal other things. I have no desire to interface with Spotlight via Alfred and began using Alfred in hopes of having this, but found out post facto this problem that Alfred has. I like Alfred in that it's better supported than QuickSilver, but this is indeed a problem - BUT NOT THE POINT OF THIS THREAD.
  9. Right and this is why I ultimately reenabled Spotlight and thus this point is moot except for the fact that I'd like to see Alfred offer the option to function without Spotlight at some point - even if with a limited capacity for app launching only.
  10. Yes, Spotlight does find these apps in `/Applications/Epichrome/` The peculiarity is that some items in this folder show up while others do not - I can't ascertain the rhyme or reason thereof. Some history: I really try not to use Spotlight - I've actually tried to turn it off due to some odd issues I've had with Apple dev support, but ultimately I turned it back on. I'm working towards when I can simply disable Spotlight as my goal is to have a system that has only the services enabled that I want to be executing in the background, but I've not reached that point yet due to the difficulty Apple has created in doing this. Nonetheless, so yes, I do have Spotlight on on my `/` volume & it does find those apps: $ ls -d /Volumes/* | xargs mdutil -s ... /: Indexing enabled. ... $ mdfind Amazon|head /Applications/Epichrome/Amazon.app /Applications/Epichrome/Amazon Sales.app /Applications/Epichrome/Amazon Drive Web.app /Applications/Amazon Photos.app You are right about that situation and I understand what you're saying about `/Applications/` since it was a leftover from my initial Spotlight disablement attempts and trying to get Alfred to work without it (I really only want Alfred for 2 things: app launching & Music control, but I'm looking for a sane alternative to Music.app now that Apple has broken the iTunes concept in Catalina). Notwithstanding, if I remove `/Applications/` and `/Applications/Epichrome` I still get the same initially reported results. I did try to also add `/System/Volumes/Data/Applications/Epichrome` manually but Apple's masking that pretty good at the filesystem level for most libs that access it at the UI level.
  11. I need Alfred to index /Applications/Epichrome as I store many SSB / dedicated browser instances in there from Epichrome. It appears that while I have this folder enabled within Alfred's preferences, it will not always list these browsers: When I subsequently activate Alfred the contents of this folder do not always show up. For example, Epichrome.app proper will show up, but the apps created by this do not...
  12. So you're saying that I should set up a new workflow that uses "Run Script" instead of "Run NSAppleScript"? So to do the following steps: 1) Workflows 2) Click "+" -> "Blank Workflow" 3) "[+]" (Set up Alfred Remote pages for this project) 4) "+" ("Add Remote Page") 5) Assign title, etc. 6) at grid, click "+" square and "Run Script" from menu. 7) select "/usr/bin/osascript (AS)" & insert script...
  13. Well I think that's what I essentially did - the problem, however, is that the automation permission is not being set in Preferences... only for Music.app (see this, Music.app is the only one and I can't add more manually). I'm trying to figure out allow that script I noted above (com.tylast.itunesseeking) to actually execute. Note the screencast here wherein I show the hotkey activation of the script with the error / problem results below in the debug panel and then the source that's being used at the end: https://p153.p0.n0.cdn.getcloudapp.com/items/2Nure1om/Screen+Recording+2020-01-25+at+05.14+PM.gif And here is the skip-back script I noted from above here: on alfred_script(q) tell application "iTunes" if player state is playing then --get the current track time: set currTime to get player position if currTime < 10 then --go to start of the track: set currSkip to 0 else --otherwise, skip backwards set currSkip to currTime - 5 end if set player position to currSkip --skip to new position end if end tell end alfred_script
  14. I'm just really wanting to control the full iTunes app via key combos.
  15. What do you do when trying to use iTunes.app in Catalina instead of Music.app? (For those of us who won't give it up: Retroactive) I assume there's a way to force / trigger Alfred to ask for permission for other various apps (such as iTunes.app)? Sadly SizzlingKeys has still been an up and down ride (sometimes won't work at all) and so I'm left trying to use something like http://www.packal.org/workflow/itunes-seeking.
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