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  1. So you're saying that I should set up a new workflow that uses "Run Script" instead of "Run NSAppleScript"? So to do the following steps: 1) Workflows 2) Click "+" -> "Blank Workflow" 3) "[+]" (Set up Alfred Remote pages for this project) 4) "+" ("Add Remote Page") 5) Assign title, etc. 6) at grid, click "+" square and "Run Script" from menu. 7) select "/usr/bin/osascript (AS)" & insert script...
  2. Well I think that's what I essentially did - the problem, however, is that the automation permission is not being set in Preferences... only for Music.app (see this, Music.app is the only one and I can't add more manually). I'm trying to figure out allow that script I noted above (com.tylast.itunesseeking) to actually execute. Note the screencast here wherein I show the hotkey activation of the script with the error / problem results below in the debug panel and then the source that's being used at the end: https://p153.p0.n0.cdn.getcloudapp.com/items/2Nure1om/Screen+Recording+2020-01-25+at+05.14+PM.gif And here is the skip-back script I noted from above here: on alfred_script(q) tell application "iTunes" if player state is playing then --get the current track time: set currTime to get player position if currTime < 10 then --go to start of the track: set currSkip to 0 else --otherwise, skip backwards set currSkip to currTime - 5 end if set player position to currSkip --skip to new position end if end tell end alfred_script
  3. I'm just really wanting to control the full iTunes app via key combos.
  4. What do you do when trying to use iTunes.app in Catalina instead of Music.app? (For those of us who won't give it up: Retroactive) I assume there's a way to force / trigger Alfred to ask for permission for other various apps (such as iTunes.app)? Sadly SizzlingKeys has still been an up and down ride (sometimes won't work at all) and so I'm left trying to use something like http://www.packal.org/workflow/itunes-seeking.
  5. Hey thanks! I took a step back and reevaluated the situation after Music.app ATE my converted music library. I did some digging and found Retroactive and thus am now running iTunes on Catalina until Apple can rectify its cranial-rectal relationship... It appears that this has given SizzlingKeys a little more life now and I'm back to enjoying it's full and robust functionality until Apple finally get's things right. Overall I'm finding SizzlingKeys to be even more responsive / faster with iTunes at playing and acting on key input than Alfred was in my initial go with Music.app. I'm sure I'll be back down the road once the Apple-ocalypse has gone past the event horizon...
  6. Now with the inability use (the awesome) SizzlingKeys with Music in Catalina, we need the ability to have Skip Backward & Skip Forward for Music/iTunes such that a simple key combo can activate it. Here's how it was set in SizzlingKeys: Screenshot
  7. I'm finding that autocorrect is firing off sometimes when I am starting an app in Alfred. I use Epichrome and have a number of custom web browsers. Some of these contain words for which I also have autocorrect entries... Having autocorrect fire off when I'm typing an acronym or something else in Alfred is extremely annoying and happens more than I'd like to see it. I have to hit escape or use the cursor to get it off and so having Alfred ignore autocorrection entries would be a very much appreciated fix!
  8. I have been struggling with a problem with Path Finder for some time with regards to apps not opening it when they attempt to reveal Finder. I've known for many months that this is likely due to a problem with NSFileViewer from my beta days of Mountain Lion and some kind of oddity in my preferences. Is anyone aware of a way to brute force modify all instances of NSFileViewer within one's preferences to seek and destroy instances of Finder being associated with Path Finder?
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