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    michaelwills reacted to Andrew in Using selected text as input, possible?   
    @Overload119 The easiest way to achieve this at a generic level is to have a single separate hotkey defined to show Alfred with the currently selected text in macOS, and place the cursor to the left.
    i.e. my Alfred hotkey is alt+space, but I have ctrl+alt+space (workflow hotkey trigger by itself) setup as the following, which puts Alfred in a state (cursor to the left) ready for me to type the keyword:

    This way, you only need to remember two hotkeys - One for Alfred by default, and one for Alfred with selected text.
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    michaelwills got a reaction from Tyler Eich in Store images in Alfred's clipboard history, allow images in clipboard snippets   
    Here here!
    For now I use CopyLess which allows dragging the clipboard contents out as a file including images if the app puts it on the clipboard in a supported way. It'd just be nice to have it all in one.
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    michaelwills got a reaction from CarlosNZ in TimeZones - a World Clock script filter [updated to v1.7]   
    This is really nice. Found it highlighted here.
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    michaelwills reacted to cjlucas in Tower Repositories (v1.0)   
    Quickly access your Tower git repositories
    I finally got around to checking out Alfred today, and I was so blown away by the workflows feature that I decided to write one.

    Github: https://github.com/cjlucas/tower-alfred-workflow
    The latest packaged workflow can be found here.
    I will be checking for bug reports here as well as on Github.  It'll be easier to diagnose bugs if I have your Tower bookmark's file as well (it can be found here: ~/Library/Application Support/Tower/Bookmarks.plist). If you'd prefer to not have it posted in public, you can send me a message on here or on Github.
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