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  1. Nice workflow! The natural language works well. Is there a way to specify a calendar or list?
  2. Yeah it is finding some. But I can't find any type of pattern for why it is finding some references and not others. For example, I searched an author name in Alfred and it did not find the reference. I searched it in spotlight and it did find the reference. When I search for the same reference by title, I still can't find it in Alfred, but can find it in spotlight. Another reference I searched for was found by title, but not by author. I tried adding the kMDItemTextContent in the search filter and ticking the "Show files marked as System Files", but it didn't seem to alter the search results.
  3. Yeah. The metadata is stored in ~/Library/Caches/Metadata/Sente 6. I added this to the search scope and even created a filter for this folder and Alfred is still not finding most of the references?
  4. Sente is a reference manager that includes a feature to have spotlight index the references. When I search for Sente references in spotlight, I get the appropriate results. For some reason, when I search the same thing in Alfred, the results are not found. I thought there was a bug with Sente, but that doesn't seem to be the case since the search works when I use spotlight.
  5. Hi Srapy, what preferences did you change in XtraFinder?
  6. I agree this would be a great feature. Alfred staff, any comment on this? Thanks.
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