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  1. So you have to use the " to get it to display? No way to display without "?
  2. When typing in a phone number (i.e. 1-775-555-1212, 1 775 555-1212, 1 (775) 555-1212) and hitting CMD-L to display as large type, Alfred2 shows the calculated value and not the phone number. Am I typing it incorrectly (i.e. is there a required format)?
  3. Fair enough but how would I structure the script so it has the effect of hitting and holding down FN+Control+Option and then pressing F12?
  4. This look about what I want but how do I also include the function key in this example?
  5. I have a KVM that uses Java and I need to send a key sequence to it. Sequence: FN+Control+Option+F12 Is there is a simple way to do this?
  6. Newbie here. Not sure exactly how to accomplish this. I have a APP called Frank DeLoupe that I used to pick colors for photo editing work. I have created a workflow that will launch the application just fine. My dilema is that once they app is started I need the command sequence of CTRL + Q to get the application to actually enter into picking mode. I've looked over a lot of forum posts but have not seen anything definitive. Can anyone in the community point me in the right direction?
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