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  1. Hey adayzdone, I just tried the keyboard command again and its working perfectly now. Maybe I was doing something wrong. Thanks for your help and the great workflow!
  2. is it possible that when I type "VS" and hit enter a new tab appears and the google microphone is activated and I can start speaking?
  3. Hi adayzdone, Yes, I got the update and it works great. Question, is it possible to have the mic selected after you hit "VS"?
  4. Also, is it possible to have the workflow open a new tab with the keyboard command? Thanks very much for your help on matter.
  5. I'm not able to get Chrome to show me the "speak" window when I use the keyword "VS". I only get a new google search tab. Thanks in advance for your help on this matter. plucas62
  6. Can Alfred force quit menu bar programs like popclip? Once in away Popclip needs to be forced quit, can this be done within Alfred? Thanks, plucas62
  7. Is there a way to add the printing option to the action menu? Thanks. plucas62
  8. Hey roccitman, Thanks for the keyboard command. I was not aware of that keyboard shortcut. Thanks very much...
  9. Hello, Looking for a workflow that allows you to email the URL page that you are on in Chrome. Has anyone created this yet? Thanks, plucas62
  10. How does everyone remember all the keywords when using workflows? Thanks, plucas62
  11. How does everyone remember all the keywords in workflow?

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