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  1. I completely forgot about that screen. Thanks!
  2. Is there still no good solution for this? Why not just make it possible to set a throttling interval in the Alfred API when coding the workflow?
  3. I just fixed the workflow so it works again. You can use the "Download latest release" link in the first post.
  4. I took a closer look at MTSS, and it doesn't use OMDB for the initial search results, it uses TMDB. I will take a look at replacing OMDB with TMDB.
  5. Thanks a lot for the feedback! I do myself use MTSS as well, but, as you said, I wanted a workflow which shows the ratings right away. I'll talk a look at the quality of the results and I should add some throttling to the search, so it doesn't start searching while you're typing and so you won't get "No movies found" until you're actually done typing in the title.
  6. A workflow for Alfred 2 which lets you search for movies and see IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic scores for it. The workflow is based on the "Better IMDB Search" workflow by frankspin. It uses the OMDb API. Movie Ratings uses a single command: mr [query]: Looks up a movie matching the query. Using the copy shortcut will copy the movie's IMDb URL and clicking Enter will open the movie's IMDb page. Download latest release | Source v0.1 - Initial release. v0.2 - Workflow now asks user to input at least 2 search characters instead of showing "No results found". v1.0.1 - Fixes results not appearing because of change in the OMDB API
  7. Awesome, I was just about to write this myself, will report back with my experience.
  8. I looked more into this (I have an Unblockus account, too), and I can change my region by simply running http://realcheck.unblock-us.com/set-country.php?code=<country_code> (e.g. "us") in the browser. However, this does not work from my separate Alfred PHP script, probably because it can't see I'm logged in. Any suggestions on how to circumvent this?
  9. I took a quick look in their source code, and it looks it's just an AJAX call to a PHP script. The Javascript function called: function setCountry(e) { rcode = e.toUpperCase(), serviceStatusSpinner(!0, "Saving New Settings..."), window.setTimeout(function () { $.ajax( { url: countryUrl, dataType: "jsonp", data: { code: e }, success: function (e) { h && (serviceStatusSpinner(!1), rcode == e.current ? (showBar("dialog3", "country-set"), $("#messages #new-country").text(e.current_full)) : showBar("warning1", "country-set-error")) } }) }, 1e3) } And the countryUrl variable points to http://realcheck.unblock-us.com/set-country.php
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