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  1. I can see in the Preferences that I can set another app to open a contact, other than Apple 'Contacts'. But I don't know how! The URL Handler field in Contacts preferences shows "addressbook://{uid}" I want to open contacts in BusyContacts, but I have discovered that I don't just put "BusyContacts" where the field has {uid}. So what do I do? Thanks, Kevan
  2. I just read and implemented your tip to create a workflow to paste from the clipboard as plain text, using a hotkey (I used Cmd + Shift + V as you suggested). I then tried the tip to "Tell Alfred which apps to ignore", and dragged TextEdit into the relevant well. This worked as described, and something I copied in TextEdit didn't appear in Alfred's Clipboard History viewer. But if I used the Cmd + Shift + V hotkey it was pasted — and then appeared in the history. Surely this isn't the behaviour you intended, since using the "paste as plain text" hotkey will inadvertently add the copied text from an app which Alfred's Clipboard is meant to be ignoring. I'd be interested to know what you think. Thanks
  3. Hi Andrew. Thanks for the quick reply, I tried quitting and restarting Alfred with clipboard history disabled, and that seems to have fixed the problem. I can now enable and disable it and it works correctly. Many thanks, best Kevan
  4. I noticed recently that Clipboard History continues, despite deselecting the feature checkbox. This did not used to be the case. This behaviour has not been corrected in the latest (Powerpack) version, v2.1 (218). I'm running Mountain Lion, 10.8.5. Thanks
  5. Excuse my ignorance: I've never used Applescripts apart from just double-clicking them in Finder and running them. In Alfred 1 I set up a hotkey to take the current URL in an open Safari browser window and open it in Chrome. All I did was to choose the hotkey, then browse to the .scpt file (previously downloaded and saved in ~/Library/Scripts/Safari) and select it. In Alfred 2 there doesn't appear to be a similar capability. You only seem to be able to actually write a script, rather than just point to one that has already been created and saved as a .scpt file. I have tried setting up a workflow, and pasting the script into the 'run script' action window, but that doesn't work. What am I supposed to do. Is there a way of just pointing to the .scpt file and running it, like before? Any help gratefully received. Thanks, Kevan PS: here's the actual script, for what it's worth: property theURL : "" tell application "Safari" set theURL to URL of current tab of window 1 end tell tell application "Google Chrome" if (count of (every window where visible is true)) is greater than 0 then tell front window make new tab end tell else make new window end if set URL of active tab of front window to theURL activate end tell
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