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  1. Thank you! I've now essentially done the same thing (flattening the list). For my use case, this is sufficient. But I still think it would be a cool feature
  2. Hi! I want to create a workflow where I want to drill into a JSON Object returned from a script filter. The object could look something like this: // items being the result returned from the script filter { items: [ { title: "Item 1", items: [ { title: "Subitem 1.1" url: "/some/url" }, { title: "Subitem 1.2" url: "/another/url" } ] }, { title: "Item 2", items: [ { title: "Subitem 2.1" url: "/some/url" }, { title: "Subitem 2.2" url: "/another/url" } ] } } What I want to achieve is that after starting the workflow, the script filter fetches the initial list of items and that I then can action one of these items and "drill down" into the object structure. So for this example, after invoking the workflow Alfred would show two results ("Item 1" and "Item 2") and after actioning the first item, it would show "Subitem 1.1" and "Subitem 1.2" which I could then action to open their URL in the browser. Honestly, I'm quite lost ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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