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  1. It'd be so much easier to read large type of the background was blurred out, especially on screens with lots of windows
  2. I sort of second this. Honestly though, I'd love to see a simple fix that would make it vastly more useful for the intended use case (a sentence or two): when in full-screen mode, just have larger left & right margins (maybe scaled inversely by text size). that would make so much easier to read on 15" or larger screens.
  3. large type at present fills the screen right to the edge - this actually makes reading it a little harder, especially for multiple lines - how about adding margins on both sides? the worst it can do is make the size ceiling lower, or add lines.
  4. That worked, thanks. However, the language around that option description does seem to need tweaking, then. The example given – 'gc' for 'Google Chrome' as the behavior for fuzzy capitals – doesn't work for me. Even if it did, the language doesn't suggest that spaces are important for that setting..
  5. Alfred v2 does not ignore spaces any more in name searches; this is especially a problem when searching for apps, which may or may not have spaces in the places you remember them... for instance, with v1.x, when searching for an app called 'I Love Stars', I could type 'ilove' and Alfred would locate the app. Now I'm having to remember to type the space, so it only locates with 'i love'. This is a small but very effective tweak to the usual typing behavior that was extremely useful, and made finding things a lot easier - and I can't find an option to re-enable it. Please bring this back
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