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  1. Hi, I have a headless unit which I use at home and it would be useful if I could extend some of my workflows to output to a notification in Alfred Remote on my iPad so I don't have to faff about VNC'ing to the machine to check if/when actions complete. This would also be useful when I'm away from my desk in a meeting or something. I have a set up where I can call certain workflows to check statuses of things and then auto generate and send an email with the results to me, this solution while working isn't quite as elegant, or as ideal, as I would like. Cheers
  2. Hi Neil, Loving this workflow. I was wondering though, is it/could it be possible to have the option of simply starting a new task and adding a set duration to it as opposed to starting a new timer? I.E hv -> add new timesheet entry -> pick task -> add duration Regards, Andy
  3. Hi Vdesabou, I was just wondering, in the mini player where you list the playlists that the currently playing track is part of, would it be possible to add an "show playlist in Spoitfy" option to jump you to the Spotify app with the selected playlist displayed? Also, I've noticed when selecting songs to play from playlists it just adds the selected song to the Play Queue and plays it, after the selected song the play queue continues with whatever you had in your play list previously. Would it be possible that when you select a song from a playlist the playlists becomes the now playing list and the selected song gets played. I imagine you would need to "launch the playlist" then set the now playing song? Basically it's caught me out a few times when listening to Artist A, then wanting to switch to a specific song from my Artist B playlist, but after that song Artist A would come back on. I expected that when selecting a song from a playlist that playlist overwrites the play queue and the selected song plays, as that is what happens in the Spotify app. Other than that I'm still using the workflow everyday and loving the v4.x updates!
  4. Looks like dumping the folder mentioned in your link on to the new HDD will do the trick. Thanks Tyler
  5. I found out last night that my MBA HDD has been recalled so I'm going to have to get it replaced. While I have TimeMachine Backups I wanted to use this opportunity to have a fresh start with things such as my Ruby installation and basically have a good clean up of my machine, so I don't really want to restore a backup to the new HDD. Does anyone know of a way to export all my Alfred settings and my workflows, then import them onto the new HDD in a single process? I'm aware that I can sync the settings to a folder in Dropbox (or a similar service) and sync them onto another machine, which I would assume would sort the settings out on the new HDD. However it appears the only way to export workflows in individually then re-import them all on the new HDD. Is there a way to do it in bulk? I have quite a lot... Any help would be grand, and if it's not possible a new feature in Alfred for this could be worth the implementation? It would also work as a way of syncing everything in your Alfred setup between machines, all I think needs to happen is the existing settings sync to be extended to include workflows...
  6. Hi, I've created the issue in GitHub for you. With regards to the playlist issue - what about showing a "Last Launched Playlist" type option?
  7. I'm no longer seeing the now playing song when I launch the mini player (v 3.7.2 in OSX Mavericks) Also, what about having access to the current playing playlist from the main menu in the same way that you can access the album for the now playing song (As you could when the now playing track was displayed) instead of having to navigate back to it through the playlists menu? Any help with either would be appreciated
  8. Haha, brilliant. Loving the latest version, this is an awesome workflow
  9. New version worked beautifully. Thanks a lot. The new update process and the progress bar are fantastic, solid work.
  10. Hi vdesabou, Still loving this workflow and the new features are bringing it along nicely. I do however get an error when I update my library telling me a starred playlist already exists, I believe this is due to me being subscribed to my brothers starred list as well as having my own one. Is having starred playlists from other user Id's something you'll be able to handle in your code in a future release? I'll run an update on my library either tonight or tomorrow so I can send you the actual error details. The error process is: - run update library - hit the export JSON button in spotify when it launches - wait - notification received detailing an error regarding starred playlist already existing - new progress bar hangs at 0 songs processed - run spot_mini_kill_update to release the mini player and allow me to use it with the old/partially updated library Cheers, WelchWay
  11. I've updated the library, re-cached all the artworks and changed the max results to 15 as well (I thought it would affect the amount of playlists returned but it doesn't) There's been a slight performance increase which is nice. Happy Days. I was thinking can it set up so that if I type "playlist" or "artist" or "album" etc it goes to the "browse by {x}" sub menu instead of performing the search? maybe hook it to {x}: e.g Playlist: Top 40 and it will find the playlist like it does in the playlist sub menu and allow you browse/launch/etc? Also, is it possible to add a whole playlist to the Alfred playlist with the shift option like you have on the albums? I'm using the AP basically as a play queue and I often combine several playlists into a "now playing" one in spotify and then play from the new one
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