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  1. I'm a real user, who is a very experienced developer, who provided some ideas for how to make the product better in my opinion. It's fine if you don't share that opinion — I'm an adult, and I recognize that not everyone is going to agree with me or share my ideas, and that's OK. But I'm making these suggestions because I am invested in this community and this software, and I want to see it be better tomorrow than it is today. You're right about that. We do have something in the works that should make this easier. It's not going to be an all-singing, all-dancing
  2. I'm going to start backwards here. The process of discovering new workflows is harder for non-developer users than it should be. I understand that wanting to cross the threshold from just building a Mac app → running web infrastructure is a leap that the developers may not want to do. As a developer, I understand the reasons. But at this point, I think that not having a first-party workflow directory is reaching a point where it makes quality workflows that much more difficult to find, trust, etc. If the core team doesn't want to do this, then MUCH of my feedback falls
  3. [I originally posted this on Reddit, but I'm posting again here to make sure that it's seen.] The tool itself is fine. Good improvements, but mostly invisible. My kids don't even know how to use the computer when they use a Mac without Alfred. Incredible software! I've been a user since 1.0 and a PowerPack user for just as long. Before that I used the Google task launcher thing, and before that, QuickSilver. What I'm interested in is a thriving workflow community. If you want to find workflows, you need to search too many places. Packal and Pacmax seem abandoned. You have
  4. Searches Docker Hub for Docker images. Requires OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or newer. Uses the Docker Hub v2 API. Download: https://github.com/skyzyx/docker-hub.alfredworkflow Usage dockerhub {query} — Search for an image. Actions ↩ — Open the module in the Docker Hub UI. ⌥ — View number of stars and pulls. ⇧/⌘Y — Quicklook details
  5. Searches the Terraform Registry for modules. Requires OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or newer. Uses the Terraform Registry v1 API. Download: https://github.com/skyzyx/terraform-registry.alfredworkflow Usage tf {query} — Search for a module. Actions ↩ — Open the module in the Terraform Registry UI. ⌘↩ — Open the module’s source repository. ⇧/⌘Y — Quicklook details
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