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  1. My Alfred search mysteriously works normally again after renaming the troublesome top level folder. I am guessing it is some permissions type of problem but can't say for certain.
  2. I am running a freshly downloaded vanilla Alfred 4.3 with Big Sur version 11.1 on an iMac. After upgrading to Big Sur (clean install), Alfred was not able to find folders/files in a folder named, "Calibre Library" which was located in the top level home folder and contains many thousands of files (epub, pdf, & jpg). Spotlight is able to find all folders/files in the Calibre Library folder. Alfred finds all other folders/files except for those in the Calibre Library folder. I re-indexed Spotlight using Alfred Rebuild macOS Metadata with no change in results. I moved the Calibre Library
  3. Is there a way to make the "move" command work with files selected in Path Finder instead of Finder?
  4. I have added NSFileViewer of type String with the value com.cocoatech.PathFinder to both plist files. Now a "find" command does not Reveal in Finder or Path Finder but just does nothing. I deleted and rebuilt the Finder plist file which didn't help. I also uncheck and recheck Path Finder's "Use as default browser" (with Alfred 2 closed) which also didn't help. Any other suggestions to get Alfred 2 working with Path Finder 6.1.5?
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