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  1. Sorry for the late reply, any chance that that only happened with apps that came packaged as a zip? (I should read more carefully, yes that bug should be fixed in the new version) Anyway i completely rewrote the workflow this weekend, fixing several bugs along the way. Could you please try the new version and tell me, if the problem still exists? As for the search, I can see how that would make sense, need to try and find an efficient way to do that. I'll try around and see if i find an elegant solution.
  2. Well I do have autocomplete for brew, i dont have one for cask, so you get your points (and alfred always looks nicer then cli )
  3. True, but first you can run `brew cask linkapps` to make links to your ~/Applications-Folder (there is a Flag to links to /Applications instead but i dont remember it), but this only creates links which are not entirely picked up by Alfred. BUT: you can simply add /usr/local/Cellar to Alfreds Search Scope, so that Alfred will pick them up without any problems! But if you dont use it, i think your approach is quite good, maybe i will add some lines for me to use brew cask though -- i like to have everything in one place. Still, nice work!
  4. I dont think you can do this without downloading the app. My Question: do you use brew in the background? As in: Will the apps appear as installed when using `brew cask list`? Or do you just use the repository and install the apps 'manually'?
  5. I like this! - I was already planning on rewriting my Workflow for installing applications in Go, i just havent gotten around to it yet, do to the fact, that I dislike publishing an executable instead of a script :/ We'll see, maybe I start rewriting my Workflow this weekend. Anyway, I'm looking forward to how this Library is going to develop, thank you for that! (Btw. I am going to write a pull request right today, just fixing your Readme somewhat.)
  6. Short update about what this Workflow can and can't do: It will list and install all apps, dmgs, zips, pkgs, alfredworkflows inside your Downloadsfolder to /ApplicationsFrom dmgs and zips it should only install Apps and pkgs. Zips will not be fully extracted, only the Apps will be extracted and copied to /Applications While listing all possible, installable Items; CMD-Return will install the item and then move the original Source to trash. Install will be available as a File-Action for dmgs and zips If you find anything that isn't working as expected, or if you want any other 'Installer' to be supported, please reply to this thread
  7. Probably, but it doesnt really fit into this workflow, i think. At the moment it seems imposible to install workflows for Alfred without opening Alfred Preferences in the process, also there does not seem to be an easy way to check if the workflow was installed (that means, that i could not implement install->delete). There have been some discussions about allowing Workflows to be installed silently, until then i would not like to include this. As of know, you could simply use Alfred's built-in open-Keyword to open/install the workflows. But if all you want is, that install also lists Alfredextentions (and opens them normaly), I might include an option for that in the near future.
  8. I updated the script, so that it is able to process *.zip-Files (both as File-Action and normal command) I hope you like it! Simply redownload the workflow.
  9. I'm working on *.zips right now, currently investigating how to check the contents of the zip w/o extracting it. .pkgs seem to prove more difficult, since I must track when the install is done, so that I can safely unmount the dmg. I'll see, maybe I move the pkg to /tmp/ or so. If you like the theme, I can put it up in the forum. Glad you like it!
  10. Hello there This is my first Workflow published here, I hope, that some of you will find it useful. App Install Installs Apps from your Downloads folder This Workflow is inspired by the Alfred v1 Extension from Christian Schlensker, written in Python, and set it up as an Alfred v2 Workflow. As far as I know, nobody else has ported this script over, so here we go: It searches your Downloads-Folder for any *.app, *.pkg, *.alfredworkflow, *.dmg- and *.zip-Files shows you a list sorted by most-recently-added you can search in that list by entering a string after the keyword installs the apps /Applications or opens the *.pkg To use it, simply type install and hit Enter. If you use ⌘-↩ it will delete the download after installing. You can search in the results: You can also select any appropriate file within Alfred and use the install-File-Action: Supported Filetypes: Currently, this Workflow will find all zips, dmgs, apps, alfredworkflows and pkgs in your download-folder and install all apps and pkgs inside zips and dmgs. It does not try to find out, if a pkg is an uninstaller or not! Getting the Workflow You can find this Workflow on Github or download the Workflow directly. Settings You can customize the list of searched paths (for example, so that the workflow searches both your Download-Folder and your Desktop-Folder) and you can customize the install-location for normal Applications. Please tell me how you like it, what you would want to change, etc! I am still looking for a new Icon (please contact me if you have one! (: ). Remember that I personally consider this Workflow as being Beta-Software so please help me to find and fix every bug you might encounter. For more Information about Features and Settings, please read the Documentation at Github. Changelog v1.0: [17. March]:Complete rewrite; created individual installation-framework; new Icon Bugfix: Prevent faulty symlinks when installing from zips by not using python anymore Feature: Substring Filtering for Searchresults v0.4: [29. May]:​Ability to install Alfred Workflows Ability to run pkgs Some bugfixes v0.3: [28. May]Fix Symlinkproblem in Zipfiles Add ability to delete Download after install (by pressing ⌘-↩) v0.2:Add ability to install from `*.zip`-Files Show all possible matches instead of only one (This is still sorted by most-recent) v0.1: Initial Release​ Thanks very much for you attention fellas, I hope you'll enjoy this little script. Greetings, Franz
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