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  1. Hi! I’d love to be able to view my Libib library in Alfred, but have no idea how to build that kind of workflow. Any ideas?
  2. I may get yelled at for bringing this thread back to life, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to include Spotlight comments (kMDItemFinderComment) in the search results. Any ideas?
  3. Changing the alfred.py to the newer one worked out perfectly! Thank you very much! Do you have a solution for my last problem, about not getting an indicator bar and thus not being able to browse more than 9 items?
  4. Thank you for your suggestions! Sadly, the first one did not work - it's still not letting me search å, ä, and ö. The second one did sort of work, but shows me the icon for the filetype ".delicious3medium". In Finder, however, I see a preview of the cover art of the file. See images for clarification. EDIT: This can be fixed clicking cmd + i and dragging album art to each file, but it's a little tedious to say the least.
  5. I love this workflow! Currently, I got it working as sort of a library, where I have Delicious Library files inside a folder and have this workflow searching inside that folder. However, I have three feature requestsIs: 1. Is there any way to get Swedish letters working? å, ä and ö. 2. I'd love the ability to get the icon of the files to show in Alfred, instead of the QR logo. 3. I don't get the indicator and the scroll to browse through more than the standard 9 results. How come? Cheers!
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