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  1. This is a great workflow! I am especially happy with the multi-language element. Since I regularly check information on Wikepedia in different languages, this is a great help and timesaver. Thanks!
  2. Thanks very much, that worked perfectly! Terminal handled the whole procedure very smoothly and it didn't take an hour or so but a minute. Thanks again!
  3. Installed Alfred on my iMac a few days ago (with Superpack), everything works fine. Preferences are in Dropbox. Just installed Alfred on my MacBook Air, it found the settings in Dropbox and everything seems to be working fine. And then I ran into a very peculiar problem: Alfred finds whatever on my MBA but it won't find Safari and Firefox. It finds ALL the other apps in the Applications folder, finds the most obscure files but it won't find Safari and Firefox. I checked Spotlight: oh yes, Safari and Firefox are there. I started Alfred with '/' moved to my Application folder, flipped throug
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