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  1. So here is what I want to do: - type in a CSS property or part of a property (i.e. the first half of a css declaration; for example, 'overflow') - display a list of properties that contain the typed property - allow selection of the one I want, selection displays all keywords for the property Here is an example. I open up Alfred and type 'css backg' As I type, I see a dynamic list. At this point, I'd see a list like: - background - background-color - background-position - background-image - background-repeat - background-size - etc. Let's say I want background-repeat; I select that one. Selecting that shows a new list of that property's keywords, like this: - repeat - repeat-x - repeat-y - no-repeat - inherit Selecting one of these values copies it to clipboard. What's going to be the rundown for me doing something this? Is it python? Applescript? Something else? I'm a web front-end developer (duh, context of question probably tells you all that)...and for me at least it's hard to keep all this crap in my head constantly. And some of it's inconsistent, like sometimes there's a dash (no-repeat), sometimes there isn't a dash (norepeat), sometimes the keywords for property 1 aren't the same in contextual usage as for property 2. For example, property 1 might use 'none' as a keyword, while property 2 uses no-repeat, and they do the same thing--i.e. don't do anything for the current property, and clear anything inherited. I'm not afraid of doing it in python or whatever, it's a learning curve but not a problem, I just need a pointer in the right direction if possible!
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