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  1. I am using from Skydrive what appears like a direct link from Skydrive as the url ends in .png but the system isn’t seeing it as a direct link. I use Box.net for my Direct Links and they too end in .png. Many files don’t end in .png and they are definitely not direct links. What is a direct link.
  2. I was looking at this app and went to the app store to find it but could not. Then I realized that this is an Alfred app if I’m not mistaken. I use Desktop Groups which i think is the idea behind the app. I notice a fellow bought desktopshelves and I looked at it and it is strikingly similar to desktop group. I’ll have to read about this app and see if it can help with desktop groups. I’ve only done a quick cursory overview of the app but I think that’s similar to what I've noticed referenced here. There might be a role in this for me. I love desktop groups but I know I’m not managing the environment correctly.
  3. Hey David, Thanks again. It's interesting you say that about Google as I use that all the time when I'm working on Applescripts. You’re right. You can find a lot. For some reason I couldn’t find this. I think it should be almost available somewhere as I looked high and low. I’m glad I’m not the only one that hasn’t found anything great to learn to AppleScript by. I think I have three books bought over time on the subject and I get to about page 100 and then I get lost. I can’t remember this from that. Even when you write an AppleScript I find for as English like as it’s supposed to be it’s not as logical as I’d think it should be. I’ve heard though seasoned developers have a terrible time with AppleScript and actually don’t like it due to it’s syntaxing. However, it’s super handy with Alfred and if I don’t have workflows from the shared library the one’s I’ve done are all done in AppleScript so it does get the job done for me. Alfred is just a nice way to invoke those scripts and extend the power of Alfred out. Anyway, time to hang out around here more as this is the way to learn this stuff I think. Kerry
  4. I now have the three accounts in Alfred as follows.: I think I should spend some more time over here. I might get onto scripting. I actually can't find a good method of learning AppleScript. it's better to try to put it together this way and then you get it. Thanks again for your help. Much appreciated. This will save a lot of time. Kerry
  5. Hi David, Thanks. This worked perfectly. I never would have gotten this. I have an icloud, gmail and outlook.com account I generate email from in Outlook. As an example, I wrote one like this:
  6. I'm trying to create a new message in Alfred using Outlook to be generated from a specific account and I can't figure this one out. I have the following working in Mail. Does anyone have any idea what I would write to get this to work in Outlook. As an example: Outlook - new mail message - from account ..... This is how I wrote it in AppleScript for Mail. Thanks tell application "Mail" activate set theMsg to make new outgoing message with properties {sender:"<ksdawson@icloud.com>", visible:true} set message signature of theMsg to signature "Kerry Dawson" end tell
  7. I'm trying to create a new mail message in Outlook from a specific account and I can't seem to do it. I've tried: on alfred_script(q) -- tell application "Microsoft Outlook" activate set theMsg to make new outgoing message with properties {sender:"icloud (Kerry Dawson)", visible:true} end tell end alfred_script
  8. I've created a simple Alfred workflow using Applescript to invoke a Take Note menu command using Applescript. The command though jumps the screen to DEVONthink whereas I'd like the take note window to popup but in the location I'm at: The Applescript reads: on alfred_script(q) -- tell application "DEVONthink Pro" activate end tell tell application "System Events" tell process "DEVONthink Pro Office" click menu item "Take Note..." of menu "Tools" of menu bar 1 end tell end tell end alfred_script Might there be a better way to write this so it doesn't pop to DEVONthink but stays put or is that not possible.
  9. Sorry Andrew and David. I knew that was David. I guess that had to be a Freudian thing LOL! Kerry
  10. Hey Andrew, Thanks very much. Yes, that's what I found and as soon as I turned it off when I clipped something nothing appeared in Alfred's history. So, that's exactly what I was looking for. Kerry
  11. Yes that seems to do it. Thanks. This other company that makes iclipboard felt one of my other programs that has a clipboard feature might be causing a problem with iClipboard. I seemed to isolate it to Alfred but I'm not sure. Anyway, I thought if I turn off Alfred's clipboard feature rather than not running Alfred I'll see if this supposed conflict is eliminated. The iClipboard people are saying that if I can isolate the clipboard software that is causing the interference then by not running it the conflict will go away. I don't want to not run Alfred so I'll see if this does the trick or if even Alfred is the one. It's tricky testing these things to isolate for sure which is causing the problem. Thanks David
  12. I was wondering if there was a way to disable the clipboard. I don't see an option for that.
  13. Markdown and Evernote I was curious about your use of Markdown and Evernote. I use both too. I kind of wish Evernote supported Markdown. What do you use for Markdown and how are you using these together, I know this is off topic but it sounds like you got your solution so I hope you don't mind the question.
  14. Hey Marko, I saw you OmniFocus workflow highlighted in the blog and was looking at it. I'm not sure if you ever got your hands on OmniFocus v2 but they've gone quiet to regroup now. In your workflow you've got everything in there but the kitchen sink . I was wondering if it's possible to add one little thing. In OmniFocus v2 they never got around to building in a search function. Fortunately, I know by project or context where most things are except for the completed stuff which is starting to get substantial. I was wondering if you are able to add into the workflow a search for an action based on content. As an example, say I want to find an action related to a company that i've long since completed and I know say it has the word in it Quicken and the Product Manager's name. I know you were able to do this with DEVONthink and of course your workflow Eric put up on their site. Do you think you might be able to add that to OmniFocus. The DB between OmniFocus 1 and 2 is identical. The only thing that is different is the GUI. I could always start OmniFocus 1 to do the search but it would be very convenient if I could do that from Alfred. Just one other question. When you say search for folders is that projects or the folders that contain the projects. The other thing is does Omni have your workflow. If not I'd like to send it to them. Kerry
  15. Hi, Long time no talk. I was using the app and one of my friends wasn't coming and I thought that was strange. So I checked my address book and the contact was gone. I don’t know why. However, the app actually caught an error that I made in my main system.
  16. Yes very good. Yeah the forum is good for the sharing of ideas and developing or using workflows. It's also excellent for finding developed workflows that might meet your needs or getting assistance in the creation of a workflow. I find people who know how to build sophisticated workflows will work with you to build kind of what you're looking for. That is, they might actually build what you actually want but then through an iterative process of testing we come up with a very usable workflow. I don't know scripting well at all and some do but through an iterative process of someone builds and I test we come up with something that is quite cool.
  17. It’s an interesting idea. I use PopClip. I’m having difficulty though understanding why I’d send something to Alfred. Calculations? You mean you have say text e.g. 2 + 2 and you want to know the total so instead of opening the calculator you highlight the text, send it to Alfred and Alfred calculates the result and puts it into the clipboard and then you paste it into something? That would be useful I think if the numbers are already written down. If they’re not I just open Alfred and write them in.
  18. Marko, I shouldn't have diverted your thread from DEVON to this URL thing. I tried the other DEVON stuff and it works fine. However, I just stick with DEVON search term and always have and haven't given it a second thought and have either found what I was looking for or not. Generally, at the point I don't find it I'll jump to DEVONthink and use the advanced search function (not the regular find) and see if what I'm looking for is there. If not, it's probably in mail or elsewhere and I just haven't brought it into DEVON. I try to bring most of my important stuff into DEVONthink and in fact am just now stashing almost everything into it via various mechanisms even the new PopClip extension. That way, it really is becoming almost my one place to go and find things. I do find that your Alfred workflow often turns up most of what I generally need though. In terms of the image thing JPG wasn't the answer. PNG is. It is a hosted link and I can publish it to Wordpress no problem. So I opened a thread here on this and will follow up over on that one as this is a mystery to me now that I want to solve.
  19. Thanks. I'll try that. I've got a tool that converts anything to anything so I'll go give that a shot. I never thought of that.
  20. Hi Marko, I always just use "devon". I guess I have since you developed the workflow. I do see the other keywords in the workflow and have never used them but I can't remember now what they're even used for. I recall you added them on later for I think multi DB searches. DEVON the search term gives me what I'm looking for quite frequently. I'll jump to DEVONthink Pro Office though if I want to use the AI engine which I sometimes need to use. I think users would need to know though that the AI technology can only be accessed within DEVONthink and is a huge part of why one would want to use DEVONthink for filing of items in the inbox or search rather than say Evernote (plus there's other reasons to use DEVONthink). However, where the Alfred function comes in very handy is that the AI technology isn't necessary for a lot of search functions especially if you know fairly specifically what you're looking for e.g. Cameron Apple case. On a side issue and you might know the answer to this as I think we might have used images when the DEVON function was being built is do you know what types of hosted images are supported by Alfred. My website tends to like png but not JPEG. The reason I ask is when I bought a remote logmein service they gave me access to their system called Cubby with a pile of bandwidth. Its a Sugarsync/Dropbox type service I've never heard of but it works well. However, I thought I wonder if I can take an image from one of their URL's as post it here and although the image will display fine in the Alfred forum when you go to post it Alfred says it doesn't support the extension. Now that might be either the extension or what the system is trying to do when the extension is activated. Like I said, I know nothing of this system except they gave it to me for free with all this bandwidth and I'd never say no to free and more bandwidth .
  21. I’m just curious. I bought a service called logmein and they gave me with it their cloud service called Cubby. It’s much like SugarSync from what I can see. You can create individual links to images in uploaded folders. If I paste one of these links into the forum using the image paste button for the forum the image will display. However, if you go and post this image the forum comes back and says this extension isn’t supported. The web site I use is the same. It likes png files but I believe JPEG files and who knows what else it likes or doesn’t. Is Alfred’s forum like that. Should you be creating a certain kind of file type e.g. tiff, png, JPG, JPEG etc for Alfred. I’m just curious. I can’t see anything in the help anywhere that discusses this.
  22. I figured out why it wasn't working. I had a program called Spell Catcher on and it change the quotation marks into smart quotation marks. AE didn't like that. I'll have to watch things like that.
  23. Interesting. I don’t know anything about scripting. If I put that line in the Applescript editor it doesn’t like it.
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