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  1. I was looking at this app and went to the app store to find it but could not. Then I realized that this is an Alfred app if I’m not mistaken. I use Desktop Groups which i think is the idea behind the app. I notice a fellow bought desktopshelves and I looked at it and it is strikingly similar to desktop group. I’ll have to read about this app and see if it can help with desktop groups. I’ve only done a quick cursory overview of the app but I think that’s similar to what I've noticed referenced here. There might be a role in this for me. I love desktop groups but I know I’m not managin
  2. Hey Marko, I saw you OmniFocus workflow highlighted in the blog and was looking at it. I'm not sure if you ever got your hands on OmniFocus v2 but they've gone quiet to regroup now. In your workflow you've got everything in there but the kitchen sink . I was wondering if it's possible to add one little thing. In OmniFocus v2 they never got around to building in a search function. Fortunately, I know by project or context where most things are except for the completed stuff which is starting to get substantial. I was wondering if you are able to add into the workflow a search for
  3. I can’t get this to work except in a couple of things. It keeps switching to wanting to do a web search.
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