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  1. Can I ask is that OSAscript return “ “ an Applescript or ....?
  2. No I’m sorry i was just on the phone It works perfectly Its exactly what I was trying to do. I’ll have to see how you did it
  3. OK I think we’re getting close but not quite. Both things work. The workflow and the above. However, I have static set of numbers that don’t change and just want to output as opposed to having to pull something out my wallet. I just want this static set of #’s that get input somewhere in Alfred in some fashion to output exactly as we’re doing except I don’t want to have to input an argument. The numbers are always the same and I just have to have a mechanism to pass those numbers into Large Type output. Does that make sense.
  4. Tyler here’s an example of someone’s workflow where he has an input and then as one of the outputs large type. I can’t figure out from looking at his script though how you do this.
  5. Tyler - say I want a work flow that that I need a set of numbers to display on the screen. Let’s say I want to use the keyword MC as the input to output as an example “12355”. I can’t figure out how with Applescript or whatever how the input 12345 is passed to the output 12345 as there’s large text output for that. I know you can press cmd-L in say a contact but that’s not what I’m trying to do. It seems so simple. I can create an Applescript >display dialog "Hello, World!" giving up after 10< and I’ll get an Applescript dialogue and that might be fine I just thought maybe there was something I could do natively in Alfred. Maybe not,
  6. Hi Tyler Let me see what you’re doing Oh and I canceled Sugarsync and got that cloudapp. Its perfect
  7. I want to display a text string in large type. So I want to have a piece of text say “12345” display on the screen as that but in large type. I just can’t figure out what you do to pass that string to the large type output.
  8. This is probably not the best answer but you could always use Automator’s Quit All command and it has the ability to add apps you want to exclude. Save it as an application which Alfred will recognize and the from Alfred just run the automator application to do what you want. I do that and it runs fine. To do this in Alfred itself I’m pretty sure you’d have to write a workflow using some scripting language that would do this. It would take you a minute just to create and save this Automator action and run that.
  9. Hi Andrew, Well I have lots of solutions for this if I need to do it again. The one thing from this whole exercise that struck me as odd was that SugarSync could not do this. So all is good.
  10. Yeah Dropbox is simple. The SugarSync people could not make it work oddly. The getapp works well. Very straightforward. So that’s good. No problem from my site as that’s what I was using previously. It’s curious that SugarSync doesn’t support this function.
  11. Andrew, SugarSync can’t host the images. I don’t actually see how Dropbox does it either. I’ve done it from my website no problem. Tylers solution works but I’m not really I understand what the differences are here. I’ve never really had to do this before except here so this is all new to me.
  12. Tyler, I see what you’re saying now. You’re talking about the snippet. So it won’t handle pictures. OK. That explains it.
  13. One thing about Alfred, he’s giving me tons of ideas and thoughts I’ve not really had to consider before. I still don’t know though where that third question to do with the snippet was and the clipboard. I thought I only asked it at one spot.
  14. Andrew I see. I was using my own web site to do that. I could use Dropbox as I use that and I also have a lot of bandwidth on SugarSync but I’d have to contact the to ask them if this can be done. I suspect it can be but I don’t use it for that, I use Dropbox and iCloud solely for sync’g and SugarSync for file sharing, backup and sync’g of my computers. Since I have so much bandwidth on this one though I’ll check with them to see if it can be done. I got Tylers app but I don’t know how this works either. I posted the link into a reply to him above and it takes you to a page I guess I downloaded it to. The best place for me to do this is my web site but then I use that extensively for my writing and I don’t want it to get messed up with anymore images and files than it already is. I’ll figure this out. I’ve only really had to paste images in a couple of times when I was testing a couple of workflows for a couple of people. Its not like its a major thing. I’ll jump to SugarSync and see if it can be done off that site. If not I‘ll figure out the best place for this kind of thing.
  15. Hi Tyler, OK I think I found what you’re talking about on the Apple store. It sounds simple enough. I have so many cloud services going though but this one seems to be for this kind of thing as opposed to me using my web site for it. I was just told we have to use our own web site to do what you’ve done. However, I’m kind of curious what you thought I was asking as I thought this is what you were suggesting I should put in a formal request. I did. However, one always has to be careful getting me and Alfred going. You never know what the results will be. Oddly enough though, completely separately from what I thought you were responding to, I was watching Don McAllister’s tutorial again on a specific area of Alfred to do with snippets and pasting in the date and time and the clipboard. It was the clipboard that was sort of working but to my friend at the other end who I have fun testing things on she’s like now what’s he doing as that {clipboard} snippet was generating these long URL’s as opposed to a nice picture. It was like Kerry stop already,
  16. That question has to do with the snippets under clipboard. There are two issues. One which Tyler responded to with a big Naughty Butler Alfred hat and that had to door with images in the forum. In other forums there’s usually a button to attach an image which everyone finds helpful so maybe you should think about hosting it. Here it seems but I might be wrong but I have to put up the image on my web site and then link the image to that. That’s what I was told and I think its stupid. A lot of people don’t have web sites like I do or maybe they do as things seem different in Alfred land. Cheers Kerry
  17. Tyler, LOL! Now I'm confused. Actually both. Not really quite. Images like you have above. I was told to do that we have to load them to our own web servers and provide a link. Is that what you did. If I just copy an image in the server won't accept it. Then I was trying to do a snippet where the snippet would display an image in the line something like this: Hi Belle just testing {clipboard} Belle just replied after I tested numerous messages on her and finally said I don't think this is working she replied "Nope!" I just told her I have a naughty butler but she's probably not finding it as funny as me.
  18. A fellow suggested I make a request for the ability to add images to our questions/answers. I responded to his suggestion as follows: Yes. Its a nuisance to have to put these pictures up on your server where they are useless after one go and time-consuming. We’re supposed to learn from each other as there isn’t a manual and something as simple as this which is a learning tool isn’t available and does everyone have there own website? I would think it would benefit all that this functionality be made available. A lot can be communicated with images.
  19. Yes. Its a nuisance to have to put these pictures up on your server where they are useless after one go and time-consuming. We’re supposed to learn from each other as there isn’t a manual and something as simple as this which is a learning tool isn’t available and does everyone have there own website?
  20. I have a snippet that is supposed to insert a picture in the clipboard. It just won't. I might use the syntax - Hi there look at this {clipboard}. I can't see what's wrong with this.
  21. I forgot to mention its near the bottom of the page. Just scroll down and you’ll see it.
  22. Yeah I forgot where he put it but he put it in this location: http://www.devontechnologies.com/download/extras-and-manuals.html
  23. Looks like you're having fun with this one and its getting lots of activity. Eric added it to the DEVONtechnologies website so DEVONthink users can grab it there. Watch his blog next week the DEVONian Times on the website.
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