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  1. I edited all the text stuff but left the pictures. There isn’t that much there to worry about I don’t think. I should cut and paste it to the guys and see what they LOL! I might be shot. Kerry
  2. Oh yeah. Thanks for the tip. If those guys get spammed I guess I could say well isn’t the damnedest. That damn internet. I could change to @example.com etc. I think it needs to be there so people see what will happen. I’ll go and edit it. Thanks Kerry
  3. Hi Marko, I’ve sent the following email off to Eric, President of DEVONtechnologies the following email in which I recommend this workflow as another integrating tool to be used with DEVONthink. I feel this is a very useful piece of integration that works with structure of DEVONthink extremely well. I do mention your Omni workflow and although its impressive in terms of the work you’ve put into it, I have certain way of working with Omni that the workflow, though it could be useful at times, I don’t see nearly as useful as the DEVONthink workflow. I hope that’s alright with you. I haven’t had enough time to play with your Omni workflow though but as you’ll see in my email, Omnifocus is of a different nature than DEVONthink. You’re workflow fits into the DEVONthink architecture beautifully. I also beta test for Omni and am working with OmniFocus 2. I dialogue directly with the product manager there and Ken Case occassionally who is the president and I might mention the workflow but at this point in time we’re so busy with the beta of OmniFocus v2 its a bit difficult for me to wrap my mind around it. I will play with it a bit. I can say from the little I’ve used it, it works fine with OmniFocus v2 but that’s because the data structures are the same between OmniFocus 1 and 2. So this is great about the DEVONthink workflow. I’ll let you know what Eric’s response is. Since he lives in Stuttgard I don’t expect to here from him till about 4 am my time . Kerry ---- Eric, The following is a link from Marko’s post on the Alfred forums to download a workflow that allows you from Alfred (so anywhere you happen to be) to search your DEVONthink databases for info and then once you find what your looking for in Alfred you just choose enter or it assigns hot keys in the list to open the item directly and it opens your DEVONthink note. Its actually very nifty and handy. So as an example I’ve assigned opt-spacebar to open the Alfred window or we can think of as a command line: >>>>>Marko this is a picture of the Alfred interface with what I’m searching for<<<<<< In Alfred I type for this particular workflow >devon what I’m looking for”<. So I wanted to see if i had stored in DEVONthink my Chronosync serial # and I typed >devon econ serial< and Alfred returned 5 hits of DEVONthink records only and of the 5 hits one was my serial #. Its actually very handy as a DEVONthink user. I feel this is yet another form of DEVONthink integration that we should let users know is available to them. You’d want though to include this workflow probably on the DEVONthink site although to use it you have to have the Alfred 2 PowerPack so there’d be no reason not to just go and grab from the Alfred 2 shared workflow forums. Here there are a number of workflows people have started to develop for Alfred 2. Marko has actually developed one for Omni that I haven’t had much time to play with but I think it might be handy too. However, with Omni, since I’m doing so much in it I tend to use the quick capture to inbox dialogue wherever I am constantly. Further, I like to sit in Omni and kind of review things and tick off what’s done, what needs to be done etc. So its different than DEVONthink in that I don’t need to sit in DEVONthink. I think the DEVONthink workflow is much more beneficial but that’s my view. Here it is: Download from GitHub and import into Alfred 2. Kerry
  4. The cc works. I entered after the first entry a comma the / then Keith cursored to Keith’s email ID tab and you get: then enter and you get a new email with Peter as the main and Keith as the cc:
  5. It actually came up with a dialogue and said do you want to replace the existing workflow and i said yes. So you could delete as that takes no time or you could just replace it.
  6. Yaah!!!! It works. It lists out the names of say Peter or John etc, you move your cursor to say Peter’s work email, hit tab and it puts his work email ID in Alfred, then comma, now say Keith, cursor to Keith tab and his email ID is in Alfred. Just keep going with this to you have all the email Ids in Alfred and then enter and it opens an email with all the addresses populated in a new mail window. Kerry pmacmillan@example.com,keithfleming@example.com,SDeeth@example.com,Jon@example.com, In Alfred you get as so: Kerry
  7. OK. The way Alfred handles multiple versions is if its the same name it just replaces what exists. I’ll go grab it.
  8. Yes it does. I got an email ready to go to the address you indicated instantaneously.
  9. Sorry it was Spell Catcher that capitalized it. It worked Kerrys-iMac:desktop kerrysdawson$ Now what's next.
  10. I’m just running off to the doctors and will be back in an hour or two then if there’s more to do we can
  11. Nope. Foo.scpt is on the desktop as foo.sh I ran the following and got an error message Last login: Mon Apr 29 20:18:49 on ttys000 Kerrys-iMac:~ kerrysdawson$ CD ~/desktop Kerrys-iMac:~ kerrysdawson$ sh ./foo.sh peter sh: ./foo.sh: No such file or directory Kerrys-iMac:~ kerrysdawson$
  12. That makes sense. Its a long night. I’m just writing an article while we’re doing this. So have a good sleep.
  13. Groups you can’t send to though from Alfred from what I can see.
  14. At this point I just start typing the others addresses as they’ll quickly popup in Mails dialogue. I have a a couple of groups for people that I send to all the time.
  15. Yes, I’ve used it and it brings up an Alfred representation of Peter’s contact info. He has two email addresses so you can just choose the one you want to send the email to and it creates a new email with his email address that you chose in it.
  16. I sent it to you. Its a way larger than the one in app support.
  17. Yes. I saved it to the desktop though as you can save this anywhere you want. It created the file Contacts - 2013-04-29.abbu. I’m sure this is a fully local file with all my contacts in it for backup and archival purposes. That is, if you wanted to clean up you DB but have a backup of it before you did this is what you’d create. This file, as I said can be stored anywhere and named anything except for the extension. So I could store it in applications support. If your script can reach into this file then all it would be a matter of is if people were to use the script they’d have to first create an archival file and put it in a specific location for the purposes of the script and name it to support the script. That wouldn’t be difficult. Do you want this file sent to you.
  18. Yeah I was wondering about that as the change to iCloud affected a whole pile of developers so they’ve all moved to iCloud. No there’s nothing in Contacts called On My Mac. There’s only a header called iCloud followed by all by groups under that. That’s just the way it set up when I converted to iCloud I have no idea when. I did notice though in the metadata folder the file called .info (need tinkertools as this is hidden) changed its time to reflect the time I deleted the contact. This might be useful but the cloud thing - I don’t know where it comes to the Workflow. http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/18497/where-does-mac-os-x-store-contacts-in-my-address-book
  19. Sure I can send you that. How do you want to do it. And you’ll have to tell me exactly what file/s it is you want me to send. Or do you just want me to send you a file>export>contacts archive.
  20. Is that what you want. There are about 350 contacts in my address book.
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