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  1. Hey Jeremy, I replied to your PM, but I'll reply here to for others. Adding a timestamp is a great idea! And I just updated my workflow to do that. Thanks!
  2. This is great and super useful, faster than launching or switching to nvALT for quick notes, thanks!
  3. It worked in the browser, I just tried and I was able to set the URL in Alfred now, not sure what was wrong before. My playlist was empty originally and I dragged a random song to it, not sure if that made a difference. Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi there, I wrote the prepend workflow, to add a newline, just change it to something like: f=~/Dropbox/Notes/memo.txt t=`mktemp /tmp/alfred_prepend.XXXXXXXX` q=$'{query}\n' cat - $f <<< "$q" > $t mv $t $f rm $t
  5. I named the playlist "Alfred Playlist" as instructed, but when I tried to set the Alfred Playlist I got this:
  6. Yeah, currently online contacts as well as contacts with open conversations (iMessage mostly), if possible. I use this mainly to quickly go to an open conversation as the keyboard shortcuts is slow, and built-in search is useless (I also re-mapped to Chatology).
  7. this is an awesome workflow, pure genius, thank you!
  8. I have a prepend to text file workflow, you can download it here.
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