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  1. zagdul

    Create new task in OmniFocus inbox

    so, for some reason, this did not do anything, or caused this error: I found, that the error does not occur, if you run the script as standard osascript, not as NSAppleScript I changed the script as follows: set q to "{query}" set theName to (q) set isRunning to false tell application "System Events" if exists process "OmniFocus" then set isRunning to true end if end tell if isRunning is false then tell application "OmniFocus" to activate end if tell application "OmniFocus" tell default document parse tasks into it with transport text (q) end tell end tell the corresponding action is "Script", Language "osascript (AS)" with input as "{query}"
  2. zagdul

    Add to Things 2/3 workflow

    Hi, this is a great workflow. Love it. But one thing is missing - there is no way to add the "When"-Date. This would be a great addition, I think.
  3. zagdul

    Create new task in OmniFocus inbox

    I got it working... the syntax of the parse command changed a bit with omnifocus 2: on alfred_script(q) set theName to (q) set isRunning to false tell application "System Events" if exists process "OmniFocus" then set isRunning to true end if end tell if isRunning is true then tell application "OmniFocus" tell default document parse tasks into with transport text q end tell end tell else tell application "OmniFocus" to activate tell application "OmniFocus" parse tasks into default document with transport text q end tell end if end alfred_script both ways of calling "parse" are shown in the script - just paste it to the script editor. Should work now!
  4. zagdul

    Custom themes disappear

    it seems to be working again - just set a different sync folder for once. And restarted alfred - that worked. Then I copied the "new" alfred.preferences into the dropbox folder and at least on this machine it still works!
  5. zagdul

    Custom themes disappear

    same issue here. on one machine the theme is "forgotten" instantly. Just import the theme, close the option window - theme is shown when displaying alfred. Open the options again - theme is gone, default theme shown. Don't know what could cause this, but dropbox is used for syncing.
  6. zagdul

    Theme setting not persistent

    This was weird... now it works - it seems related to DropBox syncing. I'll keep an eye open to this error, maybe i can narrow it down a bit more. Thanks. /s
  7. Hi, I downloaded and tested some themes in Alfred, this works fine - until the next reboot. Sometimes, just the default theme is set again, sometimes even the theme is deleted from the list. This is weird. Any ideas, what this might be? /Stephan
  8. Hi, I created annother simple workflow: This workflow let's you mark the selected email as red,blue... and so on, just type mm0 for red, mm1 for blue, mm2 for... you get the idea. Maximum is mm6 If you want to remove the flag type mm-1 And you can toggle the Junkmail flag with mj Unfortunately I did not find a way to upload the workflow here, but you can download it from my blog: Flag Mail Workflow.alfredworkflow Have fun...
  9. cant find a way to upload a workflow here... still searching

  10. zagdul

    Tunnelblick OpenVPN Workflow

    Thanks for your post, this is WAY more sophisticated than my little script .... really like it and will definitely use it as an inspiration... Problem is - I'm a novice when it comes to AppleScript, just learned the basics to do some things with Alfred hence, my code is a lot simpler than yours, simply because i did not know not know implement it.
  11. Hi, here is a little workflow showing tunnelblick's ovpn connections in a list and lets you connect or disconnect it. ovpn is the keyword, start typing to see the list of available connections disconnect lets you disconnect from a connection Have a look here: http://www.boesebeck.name/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Tunnelblick-connect.alfredworkflow.zip
  12. Hi, just wanted to contribute my workflow. I created a simple workflow, that opens ssh connections in new tabs and changes the profile accordingly. So, when connecting to production servers, the terminal window uses profile "Red Sands", "Pro" otherwise. You can also switch the current profile with just a simple setting. If you want to use it, you'd probably need to customize the actions (quite simple, just take a closer look) I'm trying to get a list of all available profiles via osascript in order to show them in the list, but that did not work out yet... hope this is useful for anyone ;-) You can download the AlfredWorkflow here: SimpleSSHAndTermWorkflow.alfredworkflow