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  1. Hey! Unfortunately, I've given up on this. I just switch to iTunes and add the song directly to the playlist. I used to love to this via Alfred, but the hours I've spent trying to automate everything are simply not worth my time or anger. Apple needs to kill Applescript.
  2. Yes, I second deanishe..the idea of using snippet triggers is not a good alternative, at least not for me. On top of the reasons listed above, you also have to think of being able to export these things to work with another platform if you choose to go with another product in the future and, (AFAIK) snippet triggers can't easily be exported to be imported into another macro-like program I've done a bit of research and for my purposes (web code snippets with variable placeholders) Dash is the best choice out there, also gives you amazing offline documentation.
  3. Hi Vero, Thanks for the reply. My apologies for sounding a bit negative, but I've been juggling between Rocket Typist, Dash's code snippets and Alfred's snippets without any luck for some time. It seems to me a lot of work went into Alfred to make workflow creation easier and more robust, but snippets were left out in the cold. The dynamic placeholders within workflows seems to be the only way to achieve what I would need, but that means creating a workflow every time I need a snippet. The thought of organising my workflows that use dynamic placeholders is just mind-
  4. Not sure if this has been requested, but I was dissapointed to see that the "Snippets" feature was not touched in this last 4.0 update. I would love to be able to create snippets that interacted and requested info based on how you define it. For instance, if my snippet is defined as: "Your name is %name%", when executed, a prompt will request the %name% value and then paste the shortcut --> "Your name is Christian". I am trying to use RocketTypist to do this but it's buggy, this would be a nice addition to the snippet feature in Alfred, which I have found to be very respon
  5. Love it, thank you! ☺️ (that emoji was pasted with your workflow ?)
  6. I was ecstatic when I found a workflow to add the currently playing track any playlist of my choice. So fast and efficient! But, alas, the workflows out there do not seem to work with Apple Music. I have looked at AppleScript API for iTunes (god I hate AS) and the small proof of concepts I have made have failed miserably. Has anybody gotten close to doing this? I am so sick of adding songs to playlists like a mere mortal! Thanks! -Christian
  7. Would love to have a way to import snippets already created in other apps into Alfred? I'm thinking apps like aText, TextExpander, etc?
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