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  1. Love it, thank you! ☺️ (that emoji was pasted with your workflow ?)
  2. Thanks for the reply...I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  3. I was ecstatic when I found a workflow to add the currently playing track any playlist of my choice. So fast and efficient! But, alas, the workflows out there do not seem to work with Apple Music. I have looked at AppleScript API for iTunes (god I hate AS) and the small proof of concepts I have made have failed miserably. Has anybody gotten close to doing this? I am so sick of adding songs to playlists like a mere mortal! Thanks! -Christian
  4. Would love to have a way to import snippets already created in other apps into Alfred? I'm thinking apps like aText, TextExpander, etc?
  5. Yes, this would be amazing to have, +1.
  6. Out of curiosity, why are you not using 1Password's built-in function for this? I have a key combo assigned to it, I type in the website and I hit enter, don't have to touch the mouse: https://www.evernote.com/l/ABAw_C74vWNFLLqLNahpxWnX2PRt_wxyYqIB/image.png
  7. I was looking for a way to switch to an airplay device using Alfred Remote. I found this script and modified it, then created two scripts within Alfred Remote and now I can switch between my airplay devices without having to use Remote.app at all! on alfred_script() tell application "iTunes" set apNames to (get name of AirPlay devices) set apDevices to (get AirPlay devices) set rez to "extender" --replace extender with your Airplay device name set apPlays to {} repeat with i from 1 to length of apNames if item i of apNames is in rez then set end of apPlays to item i of apDevices end repeat set current AirPlay devices to apPlays end tell end alfred_script
  8. Hmmm...what are your options for advanced?
  9. Not sure this is working anymore:
  10. Using v2.0.6(203) In v1, I chose an item in the Finder, pressed command+g and Alfred would pop up with the item I had selected in Finder in Alfred. Since I upgraded to v2, this does nothing, and I have not been able to find it in prefs anywhere. Help appreciated.
  11. I just had to create an account to thank you for this, greatly appreciate!!!
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