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  1. Awesome plugin! I was wondering if you could make it so we can search too without having mplayerx or vlc playing the file. And maybe make it download in the folder where the video is located would be cool too.
  2. Oh sorry I didn't realize, I think I saw a Sickbeard workflow here and thought it would be ok. Well to be fair, newsgroups can be used for many legal things like Linux distros. There could be a few users who would rather get Ubuntu from newsgroups since it's generally faster than torrents.
  3. https://github.com/Critter/Alfred-NZBX Can anyone please use this code to create a workflow? I think it would be really useful.
  4. Thanks DF! It works great Would it also be possible to have a folder selected, and type unzip in alfred and have it work that way too?
  5. I would like to select a folder and execute this if possible.
  6. With this, is it possible to setup a hotkey so that whenever I click a link it asks me which browser I want to open it in? For example, lets say someone sends me a URL in skype, and my default browser is firefox -- could you make it so that if I hold a key before clicking the link, alfred will pop up asking me which browser to view the link in? Thanks
  7. Awesome work but if I may request a feature, I would like the ability to point to a url and convert it to imgur if possible? So like, i pop up alfred and type "upimgur http://www.somesite.com/images/frog.jpg" and it will upload the image from that site to imgur and copy the imgur link to my clipboard. Would be really useful i think
  8. Thanks for replying, and sorry to be a bother but if it's not too much trouble can you or anyone else please make this into a workflow for me. I tried doing it myself but have no clue what I'm doing. I first made an Input keyword called unzip, and then I made an action called run script and used your code, and linked them together but nothing happened.
  9. Could someone please explain how do I make a workflow that will unzip/extract a given folder which contains multiple zip files? I'd like to extract it to the same folder or in a new folder within the original if possible Here is the terminal command: unzip -d path/to/dest//folder Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!
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