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  1. Version 1.3 released! Release Notes: - When installing or checking the outdated workflows, if you hold option key and press enter, you will be redirected to the workflow homepage instead. - Fixes: - Handling broken workflows that would cause hatmaker to crash. - Fix on hatmakers paths. Special thanks to mannerisms, mkelement0, enhorn for their help and ideas.
  2. @mklement0 That's wrong, thanks for warning. At this moment, we will only support the latest version so it should only be showing one hatmaker. @erist I haven't heard about any check that alfred does for maliciousness. However, if it does, than this workflow will also do as this is how it works: 1. Downloads the workflow to a temporary folder. 2. Ask the system (osx) to open the downloaded file. 3. OSX will recognize the downloaded file extension and tell Alfred to open it (as if you had double clicked the file). Resuming, this workflow is doing exactly what you would do, but on an automated process.
  3. Released a new version – 1.1. If you have hatmaker installed already, wait for alfredworkflow.com site to be updated and it will be updatable through outdated command. If you don't, what are you waiting for? Release Notes: - Fixes a bug while installing some workflows that had double quotes on its description. - Handling download errors (404). Next features: - Use workflow uid to determine whether two workflows are the same instead of using its names. This will require a server to be released online and thus, all the filter logic can be done on the server side for a faster feedback. - Cache json responses and use proper caching mechanisms such as etags. - Provide support for workflows not released on alfredworkflow.com but that are updatable through alleyoops update.json file.
  4. I do plan to support them, but it's not among my top priority at the moment.
  5. Do you know more websites like this? Where people share their workflows? If so, I would like to integrate with them! IMHO, alfredworkflow.com is the best solution to share your workflows at the moment and giving full support for workflows that are available on it is my main goal. I'll also add some limited support for alleyoop's update.json on the next update.
  6. Technically, once a workflow is installed using hatmaker, its version is recorded and then this version is used to check if there's a newer version of this workflow released on alfredworkflow.com Soon, I will add support for some already installed workflows!
  7. Hatmaker for Alfred - Alfred V2 Workflow https://github.com/bpinto/hatmaker Install & update alfred workflows straight from Alfred. Currently only alfredworkflow.com workflows are supported. Download the workflow Download the workflow below and open in Alfred. Features Currently only supports installing and updating. The rest will be added soon. Install a workflow install [workflow name] List outdated workflows outdated Update a workflow outdated > Select the outdated workflow Open workflow homepage Hold option key when installing or listing outdated workflows. Credits Everyone at this community.
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