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  1. Hm, I believe these links should work? https://www.macupdate.com/download/27788/Maj_Antidote8_v2_v3.dmg http://telechargement4.druide.com/Mac/antidote_8/Maj_Antidote8_v3_v4.dmg (And thank you oh so much)
  2. I am a devoted user of Antidote 8 , but aside from some pitifully infantine Applescripts that take the word and spit them into Antidote so that it opens at the required page, I have absolutely no idea how to build a workflow that would be able to: a. get Alfred to display inline definitions/synonyms/antonyms (depending on the keyword, I imagine) and copy the selected one to the clipboard (much in the same way the Wordreference and Glosbe workflows posted here work) b. trigger the correcteur from Alfred (i.e. invoke alfred with the chosen keyword, type the text to correct and have the corre
  3. Argh, imbecile that I am I hadn't even noticed. That's what I get for not paying attention. But thank you for having updated it nonetheless - as far as I'm concerned, this workflow has reached perfection.
  4. This workflow has become so indispensable for me I would gladly have paid for Alfred if it was the only thing I could have done with it. My only vexation is that I haven't quite managed to understand how to append the selected text to an existing text file WITHOUT appending the current date. I keep various References list for language learning and other disciplines I really don't care about the date I came across this or that piece of information information so long as I have an uncluttered list in a single file. Which means I afterwards have to go back and delete all the appended dates. Am I
  5. I'm quite glad you like them! Again, because I clearly know how to invest my free time to brighten my future prospects, here are the fruits of a productive evening: Toujours Ivre Sumer Is Icumen In Maddened By The Stars Fancy Look I Made A Hat
  6. Shared out of boredom and willingness to contribute to Alfred's existence however coding-impaired nature has made me. Another Hundred People Another Hundred People (Light) Coming Up Roses For a Day of Sky La Seine Never Deep in Anything But Wine Summer's Joys The Apple's a Rose Into the Dungeons The Elder Tree (There is a slight chance that I may or may not have messed up the links. I never trust myself with links.)
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