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  1. Hi peeps, I'm really excited about the new iOS, so I decided to make these themes for you New iMessages like Download here! New Siri like Download here! And my favorite one, New iPod app like Download here! I hope you like it!
  2. 234

    YouTube HD

    Like it
  3. 234

    iPod like

    Here is my new thème... ...Inspired by Download here
  4. 234

    Red Touch

    Donwload here !
  5. hello my new theme.
  6. I think minimalism is a good thing, but see the adress of the file is important.
  7. 234

    Clean TRQ

    Yeah, great much better Bonus : http://bancomicsans.com
  8. 234

    Clean TRQ

    You should choose another font. Sincerly.
  9. Ok, by changing the extension it works, thank you ! (I don't know why, it was in .txt before)
  10. Still not, just a code page.
  11. Good job, for the both. I want to try them but the link doesn't work :/
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