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  1. A friend and I made some improvements: 1. Added a hot key - Command + Spacebar + period to show/hide (I like this key combo form Total Finder) 2. Added a command to bring the Finder back to the front after a show/hide operation https://github.com/shrop/alfred2-hidden-files
  2. I just love the tasty Chocolat app for coding and other text editing tasks on the Mac. I created this Alfred workflow (see attachment below) to open Chocolat app project bookmarks. To Create a project bookmark, open a folder in Chocolat and select "Save Project Bookmark..." from the "File" menu. This saves a tiny .chproj file which tracks info about your project. Once you install the Alfred workflow, you can use it by calling Alfred up and typing "chocp". "chocp *" will return all project bookmarks. You can also type other file name partials with wildcards included as needed. Open a project by selecting from the list of choices and pressing return. You will then see all of your files open nicely in Chocolat. I like using project bookmarks with this workflow because I have limited the search scope of this workflow to only return .chproj files. This just makes it quicker and easier to open the right project more quickly. Direct download link: http://mark.shropshires.net/sites/default/files/Open%20Chocolat%20Project%20Bookmark.alfredworkflow More details and screenshots can be found here: http://mark.shropshires.net/blog/open-chocolat-project-bookmark-workflow
  3. Good point Vitor. The workflow will open iTerm2 if it isn't already open.
  4. This is great news. Thanks for sharing.
  5. @ctwise: are you saying that I can add the hotkey into the workflow? That would be great if that works.. thanks!
  6. I really enjoyed this Alfred extension for Alfred 1.x. The extension compares files/folders selected with Alfred in the beautiful [Kaleidoscope app](http://www.kaleidoscopeapp.com/). I missed this functionality in Alfred 2 and decided to setup the same file action as an Alfred workflow. Download it here. Thanks to Jay Freestone, author of the "Stale Coffee" blog, for creating the original extension. Related: Someone has also created an Alfred workflow to compare items selected in the Finder: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1432-compare-finder-items-in-kaleidoscope/?hl=kaleidoscope
  7. I was recently complaining the my Finder's "Open With" menu often has duplicate apps listed. A buddy of mine, Scott Deeter, found this article which provides a fix that works quite well. I turned the fix into an Alfred 2 workflow. Just download and install the workflow. The activate it, call up Alfred and type "fixow". Download
  8. I like to quickly get to the terminal and quickly hide it. This Alfred workflow allows you to show/hide iTerm with Shift+Cmd+Space. Download
  9. Right on David! Hey congrats on coming on board with the Alfred folks. Yeah, the run script stuff is working well. I am finally getting into A2. The new API is amazing!
  10. @Vitor: "Run Script" was exactly what I was looking for. I was using "Terminal Command" thinking that was the same kind of thing. This worked great. Thanks to you and @Ddyracer for getting back so quickly!
  11. Hey there! I have a workflow which uses a terminal commend. I don't want the terminal to open up on my Mac. How can I run scripts in the background? Thanks!
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