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  1. @Shawn Rice I finally got round to have it auto update the files. Thanks again for all the info.
  2. Thanks! Incredible Forum support. Exactly the information I was after. If I have some time next week I will incorporate it in the workflow. Thanks again
  3. Cool, I looked up the Alfred data directory and will see what I can make of it. If you now of any good workflows that get data from the data directory or docs/tutorials it's appreciated.
  4. This workflow lets you search the WordPress developer reference with the keyword "wpdev". Searching WordPress core made easy. Finding results is very fast because it searches in local files and doesn't need to be connected to the internet for the search . The workflow checks every 2 weeks if there are new updates in WordPress core. Or you can check manually for updates with the "wpdev update" keyword. Example of a function search Download Last update of this workflow: WordPress 5.5 Download the workflow here: wordpress-developer.alfredworkflow Follow this workflow on github. Note: Deprecated functions, hooks or classes are not included in the search results. If you encounter wrong results or 404 pages please post it here, or create a github issue. thanks.
  5. Ah cool. I found your workflow but didn't know it also had a color picker. Very nice workflow.
  6. I coudn't find a color picker workflow so I converted an old alfred1 extention to an alfred2 workflow. I probably downloaded the extention from here: http://jdfwarrior.tumblr.com/post/11143489252/color-chooser the keyword is "color picker". It shows the OSX default color chooser and saves the selected color hex value in the clipboard. Download the workflow here: Color Picker
  7. ** This workflow is no longer maintained ** It's recommended you use the wordpress developer reference workflow as It's more up-to-date with the most recent WordPress functions Here is a workflow for WordPress developers that searches all the functions in the WordPress function reference. http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/ After searching the functions you can go directly to the correct Codex function page. It searches a list (that comes with the workflow) with all the functions in the function reference. Update this list from time to time with the keyword "wpfrupdate". Sometimes It can take a while before you see the message that the functions are updated. This makes looking up functions very fast because no internet connection is needed for looking in the function list. Here's what it looks like when searching for functions with the keyword "wpfr". You can download it here: FunctionReference.alfredworkflow enjoy.
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