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    joshmedeski reacted to tommyent in Transmit favorites workflow   
    Ahhh..... very nice anyone looking to solve the issue with it not working while syncing there is a solution. 
    Since bigluck has the #1 spot for Google results perhaps a pull request, credit  and a merge would work for the both of you guys.
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    joshmedeski reacted to Jefferson in Transmit favorites workflow (works with MAS version)   
    Uses AppleScript to list favorites, so it works with all versions of Transmit 4 Hold down command to open in a new tab or alt to open a new window (defaults to using the current window and disconnects a current session if it exists) Searches by favorite name or by favorite address You can download it from here.
    Let me know if you guys like it or not.  If you do, check out some of my other workflows in my signature.  Some of you guys might like my Remote Desktop workflow too.
    Updated 4/25:
    Now more robust to names and addresses
    Updated 6/19:
    Now properly encodes names to UTF-8.
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    joshmedeski reacted to frankspin in Airmail workflow   
    Edit: 2014-05-23
    Added some more search context options: subject and starred. Also adjusted the triggers to keep them shorter and simplier to trigger
    Edit: 2013-12-23
    The 1.3 update to Airmail seems to have broke the way this workflow worked. I'll work on getting it fixed.
    I know there is a thread going on in the help portion so I figured I'd share my current Airmail workflow. Right now it has two components: new mail and unified search(Big thank you to David Ferguson for helping me with this one).
    Compose new mail:
    Super basic as all it does it switch to Airmail and open a new composer window.
    Syntax: airmail new
    Unified Search:
    This relies on Applescript and has two caveats: 1. you have to have unified inbox enabled and 2. if the search field is active it wont work
    Syntax: airmail search {query}
    At some point I plan to make the compose mail workflow more robust and utilize the Airmail Applescript support, and also expand the unified search to check if the search field is active. I'm just on limited time right now but I at least wanted to get what I have out to peope. Feel free to add or help if you want!
    Download: https://github.com/fspinillo/alfred-airmail
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