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  1. A straightforward copy worked, Any ideas why I lost them, curiously two survived, i.e., were still to be found in ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Alfred.alfredpreferences, Thanks, p.s. To preserve the GoogleDrive copy of my Sync Folder, I reset Sync to DropBox ... This jogged my memory: I recently relocated my GoogleDrive to an External Drive, and did not update the Sync -ed locations, ... henceforth I will keep all Sync -ed locations on my Home Drive,
  2. ... I have them in a GoogleDrive BackUp, ...
  3. @Andrew, Thanks for replying, I don't have them in my Workflow folder (on the MacBook) ... I may be looking in the wrong place because I also don't have them in my CCC BackUp, nor my BackBlaze BackUp. Grrr, The BackUps are older than the current mishap; I will continue the search, Best,
  4. So, I too have lost my workflows from Alfred 2; I am using the default location, ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Alfred.alfredpreferences and I tried the suggestions here, ... Any other suggestions accepted, Thanks
  5. Thank you! for this guidance, Running wikify_sel.scpt with this edit, works fine, great actually, Running from Alfred works fine and throws an error Starting debug for 'Wikify' {Before edit} [ERROR: alfred.workflow.action.script] wikify_sel.scpt: execution error: Evernote got an error: No result was returned from some part of this expression. (-2763) {After edit} [iNFO: alfred.workflow.input.keyword] Processing output 'alfred.workflow.action.script' with arg '' [ERROR: alfred.workflow.action.script] osascript: couldn't save changes to script wikify_sel.scpt: Signaled when a run
  6. I am now using the edrstone template -Thanks- and tweaking it, but my flow for using it as a template in Evernote is: Edit the xml file in Sublime Text, render it with Marked, and then copy the Marked note into Evernote and put that into the Carlos-sz Templates folder, and call the templates via: ennt %
  7. Of course, beautiful workflow 8.991, working great with Evernote 6.2, ... Many thanks, Ennt, is working just fine for me, I have a few templates working from a Templates notebook, but I would like to understand how to use the edrstone, on 26 May 2014 - 9:49 PM, template, http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/840-evernote-8991-evernote-606-support-search-create-append-set-reminders-all-within-alfred/page-21, ... I just get a note with the script, not a note configured according to the script, ... Maybe I am not interpreting this correctly, though, Thanks
  8. So, changing the defaults as I have just described is working for me, Great!
  9. See, http://www.organognosi.com/skim-and-highlighting-color-codes/#codesyntax_1, for a method(s) on obtaining the Skim Colour Codes,
  10. I am trying to Tweak the export script, currently working with: --If user hasn't configured, set defaults set highlight_rec to {{_title:"#", _color:{193, 255, 193}}, {_title:"##", _color:{152, 245, 255}}, {_title:"###", _color:{255, 222, 173}}, {_title:"Notes", _color:{238, 238, 0}}, {_title:"Support", _color:{139, 139, 0}}, {_title:"Contentious", _color:{255, 193, 193}}} I could not identify which colour nomenclature was in use, so I used RGB, it is not working out, any suggestions please on which nomenclature is in use with AppleScript, I use this colour picker site: http://www.farb-t
  11. Same issue ( not recognising the textual category ), followed the same steps and I am still not getting it working, still super useful, though. Thanks as always SMarg19
  12. ... So I was previously using 3.0 or lower, and I have just noticed 3.1 is marked as not compatible with Yosemite, I was previously only getting mden to work,
  13. Just Updated to the latest version, and mden no longer works, the script selects all notes (19,000) and pauses at the Evernote window: TOC, Merge, Move, ..., Thanks for any info, I have not tried to debug yet, not keen on rerunning the script.
  14. Senecando, Thank you for this work flow, it works seemlessly. I commented out Firefox and Safari, the script was opening them when they were not open and I was just working in Chrome. I found your workflow after hours of fiddling to get Brett T's Ruby script to work with Alfred, I learnt some but not enough, I tried to use your applescript in this configaration: on alfred_script(q) try do shell script "/Library/Scripts/OtherScripts/LogToDayOne.rb \"" & message & "\"" set feedback to q on error errorMsg set feedback to "Error! " & errorMsg end try return feedback
  15. Thanks for replying, ST polls files ... Auto refresh. MacVim, does not; set autoload, requires a refocus on MacVim to load the external changes. Again thanks for Capture, a great quick notes work flow (in ST),
  16. Again thank you for Capture, I use it constantly, This may not be a Capture/Alfred Work Flow question, I recently stopped editing my Target note for Capture with Sublime Text, and switched to MacVim (... A switch away from ST); when editing with ST, the Target file (open and being edited with ST) auto updated with new Captures added via Capture as used, worked seamlessly. This is not so with MacVim - have to close and reopen - , I am trying to remember the tweaking that got this working in ST, if this rings a bell for anyone, please post it here, Thanks.
  17. I have the same problem, ... It is not so much an issue because I primarily use: ensel, Best,
  18. Well, Thank you! Annotations working beautifully, Best,
  19. Debug reporting: [ERROR: alfred.workflow.action.script] Code 1: action_export-notes.scpt: execution error: Can’t get _color of {}. (-1728) I decided to change the colours in the config PDF. I opened up Skimmer’s Helper The option to open PDF, which opened skimmer_config_new … which does not have Textual Catergories on page 2, where as skimmer_config_new_embed also found in the folder: user.workflow.A02A36F8-535E-433A-8D7D-0D9D8E426638 … does. Can modify skimmer_config_new_embed in Acrobat Pro but not in Skim. Can modify skimmer_confi
  20. Hello Stephen, Kind of wishing I had not updated skimmer to 2.2.1, export notes no longer works. (Then again this may not be the issue) I deleted skimmer and reinstalled, without tweaking a thing: export notes is not working, get url is working, debugging help ... does not appear to give access to any folders, Starting debug for 'Skimmer' [ERROR: alfred.workflow.action.script] Code 1: Traceback (most recent call last): File "test.py", line 8, in <module> from dependencies import html2text ImportError: No module named dependencies Is there is a hint where to find th
  21. Shawn, Many thanks for the guidance, Best,
  22. Excellent Workflow! Thank you! On page 1 of 3 here, you have an html viewer, when I load it, it is called Viewer Workflow, reminds me of Cheaters, I am trying to find it, the former, and find guidance on putting it in a post. If someone can let me know where or how to search for this, please let me know. Thanks, and if it is super obvious, what can I say, I looked for it,
  23. The export notes works great!!! Many thanks, I also liked the ability to adjust the page number naming of the Evernote links with, "Subtract printed page number from Skim's indexed page number." message.
  24. Dear Smarg19, ensel works just great, most useful to me, Thank you ... I was crashing Evernote, with the overburdening bit, Best,
  25. Thank you for the guidance, One note selected, 400 words, Wrt, "Maybe run Alfred debugger with ensel as well." I take it this is different from running the debugger for: Starting debug for 'Wikify', please advise, Thanks
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