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  1. I updated alfred this morning from 3.6.x to 3.6.1, and now all my workflows are missing! How do I get them back?
  2. Alfred is good about finding all possible matches. Sometimes that includes helper applications that I will never use. For example Alfred should have the ability to ignore locations with one click.
  3. This is my favorite workflow for alfred, I use it dozens of times per day. Have you considered hosting it on packal? This is becoming the standard place for sharing workflows. http://www.packal.org/search/site/adium
  4. This workflow is fantastic. Thanks! I keep my budget in ~/Dropbox/Applications/YNAB so I had some trouble setting up the budget path. Downloading the version above fixed the issue. (The link on http://www.alfredworkflow.com still points to the older version).
  5. Thanks for the information @Vitor. This 'feature' is great when a websites api is fully developed (youtube, github, ect..) It is a pain trying to use the puppet forge api because searching for 1 letter returns too many results. As a work around I've made my script exit if the argument is less than 4 characters. https://github.com/spuder/alfred-puppet-forge/blob/master/test/forge.py if len(args[1]) <4: sys.exit("module name must have at least 3 characters") https://ask.puppetlabs.com/question/4557/limit-results-from-forge-api/ It looks like this might be the best I
  6. I've completed a python script to query the puppet forge api. http://projects.puppetlabs.com/projects/module-site/wiki/Server-api When I call the python script from the command line, it successfully returns all puppet modules desired $ python myscript.py foo When I place the same python script into an alfred workflow, and set it to require 1 argument, alfred 'gives up' the search before I've fully entered what I am looking for. Anyone have any ideas why Alfred doesn't wait for me to enter the entire string before searching? Here is a video showing the proble
  7. @jdkram Pardon my delay in responding to you, I did not see your post. This worflow queries the json datastream located on mtgox's website http://data.mtgox.com/api/2/BTCUSD/money/ticker You'll have to find the mtgox datastream that has EURO's. and modify the perl script with that url. Update: I found the Euro data stream. You'll need to change: data.mtgox.com/api/2/BTCUSD/money/ticker to data.mtgox.com/api/2/BTCEUR/money/ticker
  8. Good Idea Rodger, I tried modifying David Ferguson's google search plugin http://dferg.us/google-suggest/ I was able to get the google maps icon for the initial 'maps' search, However the results are hard coded to use the built in google icon. Looks like an Alfred Developer will have to make this change.
  9. I'm still a little confused by what the bundle id is. I've looked at half a dozen workflows, but I don't see consistency in naming conventions. Is there a page that further explains what should and shouldn't be placed in the bundle id?
  10. When you type in "Maps" The icon shows the default google icon. google icon Maps would look much better using the actual google maps icon google maps icon
  11. How do you upload a picture to the fourms? There is the "My Media" in the WYSIWYG, yet it doesn't have an option to upload new images.
  12. I've got a workflow that pulls down the latest exchange rate of bitcoins. Everything works great as long as I pass an "arg" which is a string. If I attempt to pass a variable, the workflow fails. See the python script here: https://gist.github.com/spudstud/5473927 Basically: this works: currentValue = 42 print ("<items><item uid='foo' arg='42' valid='yes'..... But this doesn't: currentValue=42 print ("<items><item uid='foo' arg="+currentValue+" valid='yes'..... Update: 2013-04-27 Thanks for the solution Tyler. I ended up using
  13. This will save me 4 mouse clicks per day! Love it.
  14. I started working on this exact idea, but got stuck. Thanks so much for posing this.
  15. Bitcoin workflow allows you to quickly lookup the real time bitcoin exchange rate. Also can be configured to open links to your bitcoin pool website and bitcoin wallet app Github: https://github.com/spudstud/alfred-bitcoin-workflow 2013-4-27 Update: - Adds query the mtgox api for current values - Rewrote to use python xml library instead of xml string 2013-4-27 Update 2: Commit: 1bd7683c4ab1c3c051256bc2523226f474c59558 Fixes: - Bug where high value was shown instead of last value - Typos in Comments Adds: - Code comments to make maintenance easier -
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