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  1. Bingo. Thanks. Especially for the really quick response. For future reference, I used a time machine backup. I had unchecked and rechecked the box, but I had not tried removing it.
  2. I'm having the same issue. I just moved to a new MacBook and workflows using key combos have stopped dispatching the key combos. I've attached a screen shot of both a test workflow and my privacy setting for Alfred. Thanks for any advice.
  3. This is great. Is there any way to pop-up a list of so I know when my search has reduced to a single item?
  4. The point of Fantastical (for me) is that it sits unobtrusively in the menubar instead of in my dock. I loved being able to enter appointments directly from Alfred. However, when I run the workflow with the new version of Fantastical it opens the full app. It still "works" but I have to either accept leaving the full app open or closing it after every appointment I make. Does anyone have a fix for this?
  5. That's great. I had the same question. It would be great if that was one of the options listed at the bottom of the contact info.
  6. This appears to have stopped working in Catalina. Not sure why. Does anyone know how to fix it or a replacement?
  7. In terminal I get:" -bash: brew: command not found" Do I need to be in a certain folder?
  8. I created a custom search for flightstats.com that opens up the status of a given flight (e.g. "UA101", for United flight number 101"). I travel a lot, so it's very helpful. FYI, here is the url code: ""http://www.flightstats.com/go/FlightStatus/flightStatusByRoute.do?departure={%1}&arrival={%2}". Thanks.
  9. This has to be here already, but I didn't see it. I would like workflows that support more than one action. As a trivial example, I'd like to rate a song 1 star in iTunes and then skip forward to the next song.
  10. I have workflows that I'd like to start at a specific time of day (and on specific days).I know I can schedule these with LaunchD, but that is too complex for casual users.
  11. Love this workflow. Thanks. I think I've got a simple request. I've created a couple of hotkeys to move messages to specific folders. However, what that functionally does is pop up the alfred window preopoulated with the right command. I then have to hit enter to execute - what a bother! I looked at the underlying script, but I don't understand the arguments well enough to edit the script to pass the parameters directly. I feel like I just need to edit the "osascript moveMsg.scpt "{query}"" with the right parameters in place of the "{query}" and I should be good. Can you help me out? Thanks SOLVED: I created a hotkey with the parameter set as text and pointed it directly at the Move action. The text for the parameter is "mailbox:account" for example "Read Later:Gmail"
  12. Great script. I rate a lot of songs - my whole library. I would love a version of the script that would skip to the next song if the rating was - say below 3. I tried to modify your script, but I don't know the languafe well enough. Is there anyone who could pose a snippet of code that would work? Thanks.
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