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  1. I created a custom search for flightstats.com that opens up the status of a given flight (e.g. "UA101", for United flight number 101"). I travel a lot, so it's very helpful. FYI, here is the url code: ""http://www.flightstats.com/go/FlightStatus/flightStatusByRoute.do?departure={%1}&arrival={%2}". Thanks.
  2. This has to be here already, but I didn't see it. I would like workflows that support more than one action. As a trivial example, I'd like to rate a song 1 star in iTunes and then skip forward to the next song.
  3. I have workflows that I'd like to start at a specific time of day (and on specific days).I know I can schedule these with LaunchD, but that is too complex for casual users.
  4. Love this workflow. Thanks. I think I've got a simple request. I've created a couple of hotkeys to move messages to specific folders. However, what that functionally does is pop up the alfred window preopoulated with the right command. I then have to hit enter to execute - what a bother! I looked at the underlying script, but I don't understand the arguments well enough to edit the script to pass the parameters directly. I feel like I just need to edit the "osascript moveMsg.scpt "{query}"" with the right parameters in place of the "{query}" and I should be good. Can you help me out? Thanks SOLVED: I created a hotkey with the parameter set as text and pointed it directly at the Move action. The text for the parameter is "mailbox:account" for example "Read Later:Gmail"
  5. Great script. I rate a lot of songs - my whole library. I would love a version of the script that would skip to the next song if the rating was - say below 3. I tried to modify your script, but I don't know the languafe well enough. Is there anyone who could pose a snippet of code that would work? Thanks.
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