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  1. Hi, Glad this is still of use to you, almost 5 years later! Yup, as far as I can see from here that was the intended behavior. I just made another version which forces the tab to open in an already open Finder window even if Finder is not focused, which I guess is what you wanted? Get it here. Keyword "ioio".
  2. Hi, Thanks a lot for clarifying that. I understand the difference, and can definitely sympathise with not wanting to add app-specific workarounds for buggy apps. I'm wondering though, would it be possible to implement (in a workflow or in the Alfred main code) the functionality of focusing the app window if the app is running rather than opening the file? Perhaps there's already something like that, although I haven't found it.
  3. Thanks for your lightning-fast reply. I understand that, but seeing as other apps such as Contexts are doing it better (i.e asking macOS in supposedly different way) it is indeed something than can be improved with Alfred.
  4. Hello, I don't know if this is just me, but here goes. Alfred does not focus the correct window when having several different Excel-files open. How to replicate: 1) Open existing spreadsheets A and B 2) Leave A focused and try to open B from Alfred 3) For me A stays focused and B still in the background. If opening from another app, it correctly activates Excel but the wrong window (the last active) is focused. The thing is that other apps can do it correctly. For example the lovely window-switcher Contexts consistently switches to the chosen file. This is not the case with other apps than Excel as far as I've seen. Running Alfred 4.0.6 [1123] on 10.14.6 Mojave, with Excel 16.30 from Office 365. Cheers, M
  5. Thanks for such a huge and useful workflow! When I add the current song to a playlist, it doesn't add it where one would expect; it gets added to the top of the playlist. When adding songs using the desktop GUI they end up at the bottom. Would it be possible to mimic this behavior instead? Or supply an option to choose either. Cheers, M
  6. Thanks for a great workflow @xeric, it improves my workday a lot! It's nice how the search results open in the current space without activating the Outlook app first, and thereby avoiding potentially switching space in order to focus it. Would it be possible to implement the same behaviour for composing new messages using olknew? I.e. opening a new message in the current space without activating/focusing the base Outlook app. Cheers, M
  7. I found this great little piece of code today and fixed it to work with both Light/Dark mode. Simply switch the plugin with this one: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d3uw88og6wux195/write-into-menubar-bitbar-plugin.1s.sh?dl=0 Doubled max characters also. Cheers, M
  8. Alright, interesting problem! So from your idea I wrote a workflow that inverts the behaviour default setting by extending the opop workflow: 1. If opening in new tabs is default: open in new windows 2. If opening in new windows is default: open in new tab in current window Get it here. Keyword is "okok". It doesn't handle the case if the folder is already open in a tab, then it just focuses that tab. If there's the need of a workflow to break it out in to a new window, I might be able to add that as well. It's not obvious to me what the preferred behavior is when Finder is not active: by opening the folder in a random currently open tabbed Finder window, it might be equally disruptive as getting a new window. The original opop-workflow made a new window if Finder wasn't frontmost, which seem to work for most people and is therefore how this one works as well. Cheers, M
  9. Wow thanks, that was fast! Works great. Now if one could wish for features, perhaps it would be possible to add further videos to the current playlist in the background if a video is already playing. That way one could queue a few videos and let it play. Though I do understand if that's not in scope of what you feel PlayAddress should be Cheers anyhow!
  10. Hey, Love your workflows, often use DownVid! This one though doesn't quite work for me. I use IINA, and sometimes when trying to play the current tab it closes the tab but doesn't play it in the player, at most the workflow activates it. It always works when the player isn't running, but never when it's running. Nothing looks different in the debug log, so I'm not sure what's going on. Cheers
  11. Love it! So useful to look up quick things, like "gs 720p def" and then use shift to preview the first page, way faster than using a browser. Way to go!
  12. So I had some time and made a workflow for what you describe. Probably not the most elegant solution, but I'm not a programmer, just an engineer that likes to tinker. Even more so since Alfred is so tinkerable.. Get the workflow here. Default keyword is "opop". Graphic from here. Enjoy!
  13. Yes indeed, I agree. In fact, I don't think it ever worked for me even in OS X 10.10.. Cheers, M
  14. Yaaaay! Fantastic, thank you dearest Andrew. Now I'd better enable Alfred to check for pre-releases! Cheers, M
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