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  1. Love it! So useful to look up quick things, like "gs 720p def" and then use shift to preview the first page, way faster than using a browser. Way to go!
  2. So I had some time and made a workflow for what you describe. Probably not the most elegant solution, but I'm not a programmer, just an engineer that likes to tinker. Even more so since Alfred is so tinkerable.. Get the workflow here. Default keyword is "opop". Graphic from here. Enjoy!
  3. Yes indeed, I agree. In fact, I don't think it ever worked for me even in OS X 10.10.. Cheers, M
  4. Yaaaay! Fantastic, thank you dearest Andrew. Now I'd better enable Alfred to check for pre-releases! Cheers, M
  5. Regarding having your clipboard buffer overwritten I can really recommend Jumpcut: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jumpcut/ It's just as it says, a free, minimalist clipboard buffer. Stable, easy to use and generally awesome. Never again lose what you copied. Just make sure to tick the option to save clippings "After each clip" in the Preferences, else it won't be saved in case of a system crash. Cheers, M
  6. Great, thank you cands and Andrew. Would be awesome if just about every part of Alfred supported fuzzy matching! Such as when choosing File Actions: 'ow' -> Open with.. Cheers, M
  7. Dear all, I'm quite sure it appeared when I updated to Yosemite, or less likely when updating to Alfred v. 2.7 or 2.71. Basically, fuzzy matching works fine when just searching in Alfred, but not anymore from file actions or using Quick Search. It works only when simply searching in Alfred, i.e. 'tw' gives TextWrangler as result. But previously it was possible to do when actioning Finder items and also with Quick search. But sadly not any more.. How to reproduce (one way): 1. In Advanced set the setting 'Apps Matching' to 'Full fuzzy match from word boundary'. 2. Select a few files in Finder 3. Action the items using the hotkey defined in (Features > File Search > Actions > File Selection) 4. Choose 'Open with..' 5. Write a string that would work with fuzzy matching, for example 'db' for Dropbox or 'ps' for Photoshop 6. Verify that fuzzy matching works else by just writing for example 'db' into the basic Alfred prompt I'm sure this worked for me before. I wonder if anyone else have experienced this? My muscle memory for this lovely app feels deprecated at the moment.. Best regards, M
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