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  1. Hello, I'm having difficulty getting this to pull through any events from my calendar. I've authorised the connection to my gcal, and enabled a calendar I know to have upcoming events within the time period the workflow will be looking at but nothing is showing. Output from debugger is as below if it helps. Starting debug for 'Google Calendar View' [2017-12-03 02:55:11][input.keyword] Processing output of 'utility.argument' with arg '' [2017-12-03 02:55:11][utility.argument] Processing output of 'output.callexternaltrigger' with arg '' [2017-12-03 02:55:11][
  2. Another vote for the ability to add the project tag when you create the task in asana. Something like 'task name::date::project tag'. Another idea would be allow us to set the date format - I use dd-mm-yyyy. Can anyone advise how I would edit the date format in the asana.php file for this workflow? Great workflow!
  3. Would be great if this worked with the bangs functionality - https://duckduckgo.com/bang
  4. Me again! Has Rotten Tomatoes now made user votes accessible through the API? http://www.filmsarecool.com/#id=244563seems to be pulling them through. Would be a good addition if possible!
  5. Still loving this one. Was wondering if it would be possible to load up the youtube trailer along with the other rating sites when using the 'search for XX on all ratings sites" option? Thanks again.
  6. Excellent! Look forward to trying it!
  7. When searching for a film, then selecting the rotten tomatoes menu item the search results don't load properly for me. Is this happening for others. Works perfect for one word movies, but not if the title contains more than one word. A request would be to add an option to open all 3 tabs in your browser - imdb, rotten tomatoes and metacritic. At the moment I believe I would have to run the query 3 times in alfred to achieve this? Great workflow!
  8. Great thanks. Is there a away to pass a {query} into the url using this method as the urls I have are running a search for a common keyword?
  9. I have a simple workflow to open 8 urls in the browser. Until recently this worked fine, and would open 8 tabs with each of the urls. Now it only ever opens 5 or 6 and displays multiple copies of the error "you can't open the application 'chrome' because it is not responding" for the missing tabs. I thought this may be a chrome issue so changed my default to browser to safari, but encounter the same problem. I'm using Alfred v 2.5.1 (308) Operating System is Yosemite 10.10.1 Any help appreciated. As I say, until now it has been a great time saver.
  10. I'm currently using custom search to add items to my google calendar using the following query: http://www.google.com/calendar/event?ctext=+{query}+&action=TEMPLATE&pprop=HowCreated%3AQUICKA This is already useful, but with workflows v2 it would be perfect if once entering the keyword a list of your calendars was returned so you could add the item to the correct calendar. Is this possible?
  11. The plugin at http://bit.ly/129oQLQ is great for those that store all their contacts in their computers address book. I only use my computers address book for close contacts and gmail stores all the others online. Would it be possible to autocomplete the contacts email by searching contacts stored in gmail? Also, the ability to add multiple contacts separated by a comma such as at http://bit.ly/10MqgSm would be useful.
  12. The Rotten Tomatoes workflow at http://bit.ly/10MnUmg is great as it displays the critics and audience ratings inline. A useful extension to this would be to also display the metacritic and imdb rating to give a full overview of the sentiment towards a film. Alas, I'm not a coder so just throwing the idea out there in the hope someone picks it up!
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