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  1. It took a little tinkering, as you suggested, but I got it to work, and it works beautifully! Saves me TONS of time since I have to input text in this format multiple times each day. Thanks SO much for your help!
  2. Hey all, I'm not familiar at all with workflows and after some tinkering still can't figure out how to put together what seems would be a simple workflow. Here's an example what I'd like to do: Trigger the workflow --> workflow asks for input --> I would input three numbers separated by spaces (16 3 9) --> workflow would copy the following to the clipboard: C16-D03-P09 Perhaps I would need to go the scripting route for this, but if it's possible to do this through Alfred's built-in workflows that would be great. Thanks in advance!
  3. Awesome! Looks like it worked. I'm not sure why it wasn't before, because I had already copies that one over, but this time I quit Alfred then double clicked the preferences file. That did the trick. Thanks SO much! You saved me a ton of time. BTW, thanks for creating one of the greatest Mac apps ever!
  4. Hi all, My Mac was running a little slowly on Mountain Lion, so I did a fresh install of Mavericks. I made a full backup (not bootable), but forgot to export or sync my Alfred settings before wiping the hard drive. So my question is: is there a way to manually migrate all of my Alfred settings, preferences, custom searches, etc. from my backup to a new installation of Alfred? I have tried this a few times, moving any .plist files I can find and the folder in ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2, but this does not seem to be working. I'm sure that I'm probably just missing a certain file, but can't seem to figure out which one and where it is. Thanks very much!
  5. I too am getting the large type message, "Not a dropbox file." Any suggestions?
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